Two Favorite Recipes for What's on The Menu Monday

I have some delicious recipes coming up on What's On The Menu Monday?!  It seems like I'm always trying new recipes for this segment. This weekend, however, was all about family and we enjoyed two of our all-time favorite recipes that I'm throwing back today. One, with a twist!

Some of these delicious recipes get buried but these Chicken Salad Croissants are very delicious and an all-time family favorite. We enjoyed them this weekend so I'm sharing this recipe again today for "What's On The Menu Monday?"! This recipe is so versatile. It can be used for casual parties with chips and dips, dressed up for nice dinners served with a few side dishes, or prepared to take with you for a picnic or some other occasion. It's a great recipe if you haven't tried mine before.

Click HERE for the recipe and instructions.

The other recipe that has quickly become one of my family's all-time favorites is...drum roll...

Strawberry Bruschetta with Herb-Cheese Spread! Yesterday I doubled the recipe (because we love it so much) and added chopped mango with the strawberries for a twist. It was delicious!! I'm sorry that I didn't get a picture, but everything is made the same. If you decide to add chopped mango, divide the strawberries and replace it with an equal amount of diced fresh mango. It's yummy! We had it on Sunday as an appetizer, but I love to eat it on its own as a mini meal!

Get the recipe and instructions HERE.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and everything goes your way this week. 

Smile and have a great day!



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