'Tis The Season To Let Your Light Shine

to let your light shine

As people everywhere decorate for the holiday, lights are a big part of the trimmings. The lights are among my favorite things at Christmastime. 

I enjoy sitting in a comfy chair in the late evening hours sipping a cup of hot chocolate gazing at the lights on the tree and around the room. It's so relaxing to me. A family tradition we have every year is visiting the amazing lights in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah at Temple Square.

It has been said that under the right conditions the human eye can see a candle flame from thirty miles away. In the days before electricity lit up dark skies, people set candles in their windows, especially on long winter nights to welcome weary travelers. That flicker of light was a beacon of hope. For wanderers of those desolate and pitch-dark roads that tiny glow in the darkness meant sanctuary was just ahead.
Because of that Christians came to see it as a symbol to welcome Mary and Joseph after their long trek to Bethlehem and representative of Jesus being the Light in the darkness.

There are so many ways to let our light shine this holiday season; literally and figuratively.

This evening I'm putting the finishing touches on this service tree for my grandchildren.  I wanted to have something for them when they visit that reminds them about the real meaning of this season. I'll have it up on the blog tomorrow with a printout you can use with ideas for service if you're interested in doing something similar.  

In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful images of Christmastime!

Be sure and come back tomorrow to check out the service tree!

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Photo credits:  My personal photos, or from my Tumblr blog at polkadotspretty.tumblr.com


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