Just In Time For the Holiday Season - How to Tie A Pretty Bow

It's that time of year to make your list and check it twice. Finding all the right gifts is only half the battle. Now you are faced with the task of wrapping all those presents and the pressure is on, because when it comes to gift giving, presentation is everything. A beautifully wrapped present is a delight to behold.


Is anyone else crazy about wrapping presents? It's something I really enjoy doing. Give me a cup of hot coco, a good Christmas movie or great Christmas tunes and I can wrap all night! (Okay, maybe a Diet Pepsi!)

Have you ever noticed those amazing bows tied around gifts and food in boutiques and wondered how they make them look so perfect?

You can adorn your gifts with all sorts of fun or beautiful ornaments and today I have some helpful tips on how to tie the perfect gift bow to create a beautifully packaged present.

1. Assemble your supplies: to begin with you need two types of ribbon (you can add additional ribbon if you would like)

1 wide stiff ribbon (wired works well, not mandatory but it does need to be stiff)
1 more narrow soft ribbon (chiffon, grosgrain, etc.)

I get my ribbon from craft stores. If you watch for sales or use coupons you can get great deals.

2. Using the soft, narrow ribbon, measure the ribbon.  You'll need twice the width of the box plus a couple extra loops for the bow and the tails.

Wrap the soft, narrow ribbon around the width of the box and create a single tie, as you would when tying your shoe.

3. Create bow with thick ribbon. Using the stiff, thick ribbon create a bow the size you would like by making two loops - it looks like a collar - cut the end.

4. Squish the bow together in the center and place it in the middle of your package over the soft ribbon.

5. With the soft, narrow ribbon tie a knot around the bow.

6. Finish tying a bow with the soft ribbon.  Adjust your loops and pull them tight for the best appearance. Trim the ends (or tails) of your bows for a nice appearance. Viola!

If you want to add a third ribbon, slip the ribbon under the knot and tie another bow. 

Whether you're tying a bow around a gift...

a loaf of bread or some goodies...

or a gift...

this is the perfect gift bow to create a beautifully packaged present.

Have a great day!


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