Fresh Christmas Wreaths and Planters and How to Bring the Look and Aroma To Your Home

There is nothing like receiving that big red box. You open it and the fresh fragrance of pine and cedar permeates your home. It's heavenly! And it's not too late to bring a bit of heaven to your home!

During the holiday season, we work to fill our homes with cheer and accents that bring out the spirit of the season. We also bring the spirit of the season by filling our homes with the aromas unique to this festive season through Christmas trees, potpourri, scented candles and fresh greenery. 

Whether you order a beautiful fresh wreath to adorn your door or swag garland, there is nothing like the aroma from evergreen, fir, spruce and pine branches.

Fresh greenery, branches and pinecones can be used in outdoor holiday container planters, window boxes, hanging porch baskets or indoor/outdoor wreaths and centerpieces. More and more people are opting to adorn the exterior of their home with fresh greens, other branches and winter elements.

An easy way to bring the aroma of fresh pine into your home or to make your own wreath to hang on your door is to begin with a fake wreath you already have to use as the base. Clip some fresh greens into smaller pieces and put the clippings, one at a time into your fake wreath. Follow one direction all around the wreath. Then get creative and add pine cones or other fun elements or decorations, or just leave it natural. And enjoy the aroma! 

Use strong crafting wire where necessary to join branches. You can also add clips of fresh greenery to a centerpiece.

Outside planters will look fresh throughout the winter months and look absolutely beautiful. There is more oxygen for the branches and it's cooler so they last longer.

 Here's what you will need to make your own:

Gardening gloves
Pruning tool
Winterberries, holly, or artificial berry sprigs, pine cones (for just a few ideas)

Choose a variety of greens with varying textures and shapes, and choose elements that blend with the colors of your home and holiday decor. Gather saved branches and discarded tree trimmings, or purchase pre-cut bundles of branches of evergreen and spruce trees from a greenhouse.

Select a large container, urn, barrel, or window box and fill it halfway with soil.

Wear gloves to protect your hands from needles. Use your pruning tool to cut the branches to desired lengths. Insert branches deep enough into the soil so that they are solidly supported and arrange them for fullness.

 For added visual interest, color, and texture, insert a few branches from a variety of other evergreen species and include branches with pinecones still attached if possible.

To finish it off, add a few branches of dogwood, winterberry and/or holly for seasonal color. To add a touch of color and for a festive look use ornaments, seed pods, fruit, fake sprigs, lanterns... (for just a few ideas).

For a similar look to this planter, begin with one or two layers of evergreens beginning at the bottom and working up. Add a centerpiece such as a lantern. Fill in with additional greenery and branches. Finish off with one or two elements for color, such as an ornament or fake picks. 

I like the white spiral picks used here to add visual interest and a splash of color.

Because real holiday wreaths and planters are made of living, breathing plant material, they do require some water to make sure they live throughout the holiday season. This is especially true of hotter climates that can dry out the boughs quicker. Spraying your greenery (wreath or planter material) every other day is a great rule of thumb. This only takes seconds and makes a huge difference in the lifespan of your fresh wreath or planter.  For a wreath, it's important to note that you should spray where the branches of the boughs end to make sure the sprigs suck up the water.

Here are a few more beautiful ideas for inspiration:



Love it!!

Are you ready for the holidays?  Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

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