Halloween Party Ideas So Easy, It's SCARY!

Looking for easy Halloween party ideas and decorations that look spooktacular and are easy on the budget? 

Here are a few ideas we're doing this year...

I'm not one to completely transform my home into a haunted house, but we do love having a party with games, costumes, and lots of fun activities. 

I won't be spending time washing dishes this year. It's all about easy clean up and enjoying my guests. And that means no fancy dishes - just lots of color!

Napkins make perfect placemats!

One of the finds I'm most excited about this year are these darling chalk-coloring Haunted Houses from Target. For $3 each the kids will love finding these at their plate when they arrive. They'll have loads of fun coloring their Haunted House while we ready the food.

The "Boo" drink bottles are Tag bottles with screw-top lids and straws.

I thought it would make a fun party favor to send a 4-pack home with each family. You can find these at Target, Walmart, and I've seen them at many boutiques. Add a bow and spider for a spooktacular look.

In addition to an easy meal of chili and cornbread, this year I'm having a Caramel Apple Bar!

Tomorrow I have a tutorial for the lacy caramel apples and how to add the easy, special touch to the paper sticks.

For our party, I'll dip the apples in caramel and have them ready beforehand for everyone to decorate with chocolate, nuts, sprinkles, and monster chocolate eyes - just to save time.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to learn how to make these pretty lacy chocolate caramel apples.

Pennant banners always add a punch to your party decor.

These darling banners range in price from $1 - $3 from Target. For the price, you can't purchase the supplies to make them yourself and they are really nice banners.

Isn't this little witch spooktacular? 

No messy cleaning and carving. No drawing and cutting patterns.

These felt Pumpkin Stickers peel off and stick right onto the clean surface of a pumpkin. The kids will love making their own spooktacular pumpkin. They cost $1 each and can be found at Target in a variety of spooky characters.

The kids get so much candy so I prefer to give a favor of fun items filled with items other than sweets for my grandchildren to take home. Again, these fun items can be found at Target and many of them come in packages of multiples for less than $3.

I hope you have a SPOOKTACULAR week. Check back all week for more Halloween ideas. Tomorrow will be the Lacy Chocolate Caramel Apples and a fun idea to add a special touch to paper sticks.

Until next time, have a great day!

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