Ideas for Fall Container Gardening

Are the blooms in your potted containers loosing their summer blooms? Add Autumn spice to your containers and landscape with the many varieties of Fall flowers, grasses and vegetation available. I'm not quite ready to add pumpkins around, but there is nothing more striking than bright orange, white and variegated colors of pumpkins and gourds placed around your yard and entryway. I'm getting excited! 

 I foraged some tree branches and wired them to a trellis to hold in place and add dimension.
I placed them in a few different places and plan to decorate around them through Christmas.

There are so many beautiful and colorful Fall plants, grasses, and vegetables to use in planters, including herbs and other edible varieties. 
 This planter contains a Dwarf Fountain Grass (Pennisetum) for height, and a gorgeous Ornamental Pepper (Santa).  Herbs, pepper plants, and even vegetable plants add lovely color and spice up containers.
 Flowering Kale, Goldilocks Rocks, Petunias - Supertunia Vista Bubblegum, for impact flowers in addition to the pepper, and Verbena. 
 I didn't get any Chrysanthemum, but this plant always adds a colorful, dramatic statement.

 Very soon I'll tuck in some pumpkins and gourds for additional color and it will look spectacular.

A few of my planters were still in pretty good condition so I simply removed the plants that were dying and replaced them with Flowering Kale to extend the life of the existing containers...

 I also added other seasonal elements like large pine cones.

 This container had to be replanted and I love the way it turned out. I used 'Prairie Blues' Little Blue Stem grass which is an upright clump of pewter-blue foliage that will have a nice fall display of white seed heads and orange foliage. It grows to 30-36" tall.
It's fun to use edible plants, as well. Try adding herbs like this Tricolor Variegated Sage, above. Fresh or dried, the leaves will be delicious added to salad, soup, and stuffing. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it!
 There are so many gorgeous varieties of Kale.
Isn't this show-stopping spectacular?
In addition to the plants already mentioned, I used another Ornamental Pepper, Pansy, and Petunias.

As the plants continue to grow and the colors fill in, these planters will be gorgeous. While there are many similarities between my planters, there are also many differences. I used a different variety of grass in each of the planters - here I used a Feather Reed Grass (Calamagrostis), another variety of Kale (Nagoya White), two varieties of Ornamental Peppers, Dragon's Breath, SuperBells (yellow), Verbena, and a Variegated Sage.

 One of the Ornamental Peppers is a Red Missile which has both white and red peppers. You can also find yellow and orange peppers that are striking. 
The options are limitless! There are so many ways to add Autumn spice to your containers and landscape. I'll be updating this area with pumpkins and other seasonal elements soon. I'll let you know when!!
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Have a wonderful day!

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