Summertime Splendor: My Front Patio, Flower Container Tips + Printable List of Suggested Plants for Flower Pots

We have a small patio area off our front entrance, secluded from the street by trees and shielded from the wind by the house. 

It's our favorite place to sit and enjoy a good book or good company. 

I just love this area. It's very casual and private. Today I'm sharing some photos of the area and a few ideas I use for my flower pots, including a very handy list of summertime flowers that are perfect for full-, part-, and shade flower containers that you can print and take with you whenever you go shopping for flowers at the nursery. I find it very helpful!

I replaced my seat cushions and throw pillows this year with these fun pillows from Pier1 Imports. I just love them!

Ha! I was out taking pictures and one of my little grandsons joined me. This is by far the best picture of all!  Love this little guy!

 I planted Mandevilla in several of the flower pots that are placed around this patio area as the center, or "thriller" of the containers. They are stunning and very hardy vines that grow well in full to part sun. 


Aren't these Mandevilla beautiful? My daughter bought one for her flower pot this year and I had to go back for a few for my own pots because I think they are so stunning.

I always begin with a "thriller," an upright star player such as this Mandevilla or calla lily, like the one below.

Next, add in one or two complementary “fillers,” which can include foliage or flowering plants like lantana and geraniums. Finish with a “spiller”—in this case sweet potato vines and bacopas—that cascades over the edge. Mine are still growing.

Another favorite plant I love is this verbena! They are one of my all-time favorites.

I used verbena in purple and pink this year.  Gorgeous!

Succulents also provide wonderful, low-care choices for full sun containers.

I think it adds a nice surprise to a planter to add a single succulent and let it be the star of the container.

I don't always use the three-part plan for my containers - I like to mix things up every year. But generally for lush containers I follow this three-part plan: Begin with a “thriller,” an upright star player. Next, add in one or two complementary “fillers,” which can include foliage or flowering plants like lantana and geraniums. Finish with a “spiller” that cascades over the edge like sweet potato vines and bacopas

Now, I'm going to take a seat and enjoy the view!

Just below is a printable list that you can take with you on your next visit to the nursery! I find it indispensable!  I hope you find it useful!

List of Suggested Plants for Summer Containers

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Have a wonderful day!


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