Tips to Transform Any Space Into A Dreamy Craft Room

Whether you're looking for small space organization solutions or thinking about transforming an extra room into a crafting studio, here are several options and tips to turn any space into a haven of creativity!
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Some time ago I did a post on small home office spaces and shared this craft room design, above. I was so inspired by this space and, apparently, so was many of you -- I've received a huge response to the ideas I shared - see HERE for the post. I like the compact design of this built-in corner space. It does not require a great deal of room and yet it's very functional, utilizing every inch of space. Great inspiration for your own project.

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When space is limited, integrate a craft area into a room that already has a purpose. When space is limited, consider ideas to utilize space that can double as a workspace. Joanna Gaines from HGTV Fixer Upper installed a large vintage sideboard with extra storage in this dining room and filled it with craft supplies. The stone buffet counter doubles as a durable workspace while a tall swivel chair can be used as a crafting chair or extra dining room seating.
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This is a multi-task room that serves as a playroom and craft room. This is a nice space to work in while the children play.

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A mudroom with a hall niche doubles as a drop spot for school-aged children's necessities as well as storage for crafts.
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A high functioning laundry room makes way for a versatile wrapping station/small office area. Handy; organized; well planned. Storing all of your craft supplies in one place saves time so you're not hunting for materials and it helps to keep you organized.

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You may not have the luxury of a large space for a dreamy craft room, but this transformed closet is nothing short of dreamy. Transforming a small space into an organized haven for supplies begins with determining exactly what your needs are and planning. If there is no space nor budget for built-in cabinets, there are many other storage solutions for craft supplies.  Here are few options to check out:

Go-Organized.com, whose motto is "making space saving easy", has a large selection of modular cubes, bookcases, and multifunction storage units. They also carry multiple wall organizers like this ribbon holder:
I like using a lot of plastic containers so I can easily see the contents. ContainerStore.com carries a nice collection of containers and wall grids not found in many local stores. You'll also find ideas for storage units and cabinets at this site - Houzz - for inspiration.
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This over-the-door organizer is from The Container Store, and it's a great way to maximize space. This door organizer keeps gift wrap, tissue paper, and gift bags from cluttering up the closet space.

For approximately $70.00, this converted Ikea bookcase would be ideal for sewing supplies.

Transform an extra room. Convert a small space into an eye-catching and functional craft room. To keep small spaces free from clutter and looking tidy, use cupboards to keep materials out of sight when you're not using them, and bookcases and floating shelving for storage. A creative surprise in this space is the sewing area...
The sewing machine and supplies are neatly hidden in this cupboard when not in use. I love this idea!

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Two essentials for an efficient craft room are good lighting, preferably natural light, and a good workspace.

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This workspace table offers additional storage in addition to a nice flat work area.

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A table works well in this crafter's organized space.

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As an alternative to a table for your craft room, try using a kitchen island.  This 50" x 31" IKEA island has two shelves for storage and is a perfect height for working.

Or, to save floor space I love this idea for a fold-out table. This is a great idea for a multipurpose room where you need the floor space for other activities.

RL Design
Designated craft studio. These inspiring craft studios would be a great space to work in and are full of ideas. Check out these dreamy rooms!
Craft Room

This space is amazing. In addition to the unique lighting fixture, this multifunctional space features a mobile island with a glass top, wrapping paper storage, and plenty of storage space.

Craft Room
Handy ribbon and utensil storage bins line the backsplash for ease of use.
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Gorgeous laundry room/craft studio! This space has all the bells and whistles!

Bright and Beautiful Craft Room
A craft studio is the perfect room for an infusion of color to get the creative juices flowing.

Bright and Beautiful Craft Room
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This is a creative way to store ribbon or spools.

For this wrapping station, adjustable shower tension rods placed between the cupboards work perfectly.

Source: Southern Hospitality
This is another nice ideas for storing wrapping paper and ribbon.
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For a finished look, a framed peg board serves as a stylish solution for storing supplies.

From small space organization solutions to transforming an extra room into a crafting studio, there is plenty of inspiration to turn your space into your own personal haven of creativity!

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