Floral Arrangement of the Week

I spent a really fun hour last Saturday morning with the girls at Cactus & Tropicals in Salt Lake City at a floral arranging workshop. I love attending workshops like this. It gives you an opportunity to learn tips from amazing florists, be inspired and have fun with others, and bring home a beautiful arrangement you put together yourself.

Aren't these tulips gorgeous? They are actually from a wholesaler close by to me - Layton, Utah. Who would have known??

Here are a few tips to create your own beautiful arrangement.

Chicken wire is a florist's best friend.

For larger arrangements, use chicken wire mesh. You can place the flowers for good structure and support, and the flowers are able to drink naturally. If you use chicken wire, you'll need to use a solid container, rather than clear glass. Otherwise you will need to line the container first with large simple leaves or a twist of trailing ivy to conceal the wire. 

Cut a piece of chicken wire and fold it into a cushion shape, making sure the sharp edges are twisted in to prevent them from damaging the container, and watch your fingers. The size you cut depends on the shape of your container and is usually a case of trial and error.  My first piece was too small. If your piece is too big it gets difficult to get the flowers in because the wire overlaps, too small and it wobbles around and won't give any support. Place your wire in your container towards the top. It should be tight enough to hold - if you need, secure it with a little florist tape.

Fill the container with tepid water (warm) and add the foilage first. The greenery is the filler and placed first around the rim of the container. Be sure to cut the ends of the stems on a diagonal and long enough to reach the base of the vase so they can drink easily. Next pop in some tall stems in the center to act as a height marker. Once you have these placed, you can start adding flowers. Using an odd number is the most visually pleasing to the eye.

You can then fill in the blank spaces with inbetweeners. It made me feel good to hear the florists, Gena and Kendyl, say that if you place a stem and it doesn't work, take it out and put in something else. It really is about finding the right movement and placement that you like.

I added moss covered sticks from outside for a little interest.

Here is Gena sharing a tip for securing ribbon. Using a piece of wire about 5" long make a hook at one end leaving a long tail. It would look like a paperclip with one end straightened out. Wrap your ribbon around the top of the vase and cross the ends (like you tie your shoe lace), insert the long end of your clip under the ribbon, bring it up grabbing the ribbon with your hook end, and insert it down into the inside of the vase.

It holds the ribbon securely without having to use tape! Then finish tying your bow or knot.


Did you know that tulips continue to grow after they are cut? I did not know that! When placing them in an arrangement you need to compensate for a little growth.

Change out the water every other day to keep it fresh and drinking.

Cactus & Tropicals has two locations in Utah (Salt Lake City and Draper) that offer a variety of instructive classes held on Saturdays. If you are in the area and would like to attend a class, go HERE to see what classes are available. You can also check with a garden center near you for classes they may provide.

For something a little different for a Mother's Day gift, I'm taking my daughter and daughter-in-law to a garden container workshop with me. It will be fun to spend an hour together and make a garden container to bring home!

What fun classes have you attended lately?

Have a beautiful day!


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