Easy Floral Arrangement to Make For the Weekend

Fresh flowers may seem like a fleeting pleasure to some, but I think they bring so much life and color to a room that they're absolutely worth the effort and expense. Last Friday I shared with you that I love picking up a bouquet of cut flowers for the weekend (see HERE). It's such a lovely and quick way to brighten and freshen any room, and you can enjoy them over the weekend. We're still enjoying this arrangement with Gerbera Daisies.

I like to separate out a few of the flowers from the bunch and arrange them in individual vases and spread the color around the house, or group the vases together for a fun look.

One of my favorite flowers is Gerbera Daisy with its bright and colorful daisy-like flower and they last well, especially if you change out the water daily.

I must admit that I have a passion for buying vases and fun containers for arrangements. My husband would say, "too much of a passion!" I found this fun metal container with glass milk-jug vials at a grocery store. It has character and it's a perfect size for adding a few flowers to place on a side table.

Before you get started, clean your vase or vessel with soap and water to avoid any bacteria that might seep into the water. Add a little food preserve from the packet provided with the bouquet, and fill your vase with water.

For a small vase, I use a single large flower - in this case Gerbera Daisy, a small flower (or filler), and one other green filler in one of the vases for interest and to add a little height.

Cut your stems at a 45 degree angle and immediately add them to your vase. Arrange them as desired and enjoy!

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