A look at copper cookware handmade in Turkey

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed a nice weekend and that your week is off to a good start. After enjoying a beautiful weekend with family and nice weather, the week here in Utah began with snow and rain.  Hmmm...well, with all the fresh powder at the ski resorts it's great news for the skiers.  I guess the cold weather could be one reason I was drawn to the warmth of copper today.

Actually, I was searching some early blog posts and came across a post I did last year about bringing the warmth of copper to your kitchen (if you would like to see it you can go HERE). I remembered an article I read about a man who, upon recognizing that France was dominating one of the oldest and richest coppersmith traditions of Turkey, was compelled to change the course of his livelihood. Emir Ali Enc left his studies to become a Turkish diplomat, hopped on his motorcycle and rode to Syria to apprentice with a master coppersmith (this was before the civil war there and when relations between Ankara and Damascus were much better). I found this article very interesting and wanted to share some of Enc's story with you. You can read the article by Roxanne Darrow with Backstreets Culinary in its entirety HERE

Isn't the handle on the lid above amazing?

After many twists and turns, Enc founded Soy Turkiye whose copper cookware is made by hand in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Soy's pots are used around the world in Michelin-starred restaurants. Fortunately for us, his handmade copper cookware can be purchased from their Etsy shop.

Above is a Cezve, which is a pot specifically designed to make Turkish coffee and is usually offered at the end of the meal as a sign of hospitality. 

This dome covered cooking and service Sahan is the sin-qua-non for some of the slow-cooked Turkish and Middle-Eastern specialties, or for serving meat dishes. A sahan is typically used for preparing breakfast eggs in Turkey. 

I think these sahans are beautiful! I would love a collection of these for serving! Wouldn't you?

The process of each handmade piece is methodical and difficult work for the artisans. Even all the hammering is entirely done by hand, no press or spinning is involved.

These pots are beautiful and he claims they are the "best in the world".

This sautee pan is from Soy's most exclusive line, the Pure Solid Silver Cookware line. He has several beautiful solid silver pieces. 
The Soy's silver line is made with heavy-gauge 999 carat pure silver so it's a little price, but absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship. I was pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices of their copperware for purely handmade pieces. If you are interested in seeing what they have available on their Etsy shop, go HERE.

Here is a picture of  Emir Ali Enc. If you check out SoyTurkiye on Esty, let me know what you think. I should mention that I have no connection to this shop nor Enc, and this is not a paid advertisement. I simply found his story curious and inspiring, and his artisan's craftsmanship beautiful!

Have a great day.

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