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This year I'm updating and remodeling several areas of my home. Today we're meeting with a contractor for a bid to extend hardwood flooring from the kitchen into the family room area. However, the one thing I'm most excited about and can't wait to do is install a unique door at my pantry!

The pantry is often a hidden spot in your home, but that doesn't mean you should neglect it. Instead, transform your pantry into a design element by adding an attractive or unique door.

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Adding glass to a pantry door will open and lighten the space. As gorgeous as a glass door looks, however, it would not work for everyone. Keep in mind that to look its best, it will require the space is kept clean and organized and fingerprints cleaned regularly.

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If you love the look of glass doors, but you're concerned with the upkeep clear glass poses, opt instead for frosted glass which will conceal what's behind the door and you won't see fingerprints like you will with clear glass.

 This pantry door is disguised with a chalkboard on top, and the cabinet and molding details continued on the bottom. Notice how the continuation of the cabinetry design to the pantry door visually lengthens the kitchen wall, rather than cutting up the space as it would if using a regular door.

A unique pantry door can transform the look of a room and become a focal point. What a beautiful difference this gorgeous door makes to this room!

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The copper screen inserts in the pantry doors above not only add interest and dramatically enhance the appearance of the pantry, they pick up the warm copper color in the slate floor and serve as a design element in the overall design of the kitchen.

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This is a clever idea - an old front door from a business installed using barn door hardware! It transforms this laundry/pantry area from a small obscure space into an eye-catching, noteworthy area. Love it!

These cottage style doors make a big statement by turning this corner pantry from ordinary to extraordinary.
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Just as this unique salvaged door was given new life as a pantry door, it gives new life to the look of this kitchen. Notice the difference a unique pantry door makes - whether painted, antiqued, or stained - it adds character and style to a room.

It's not only what's on the outside, but what's on the inside that counts! Homeowners are adding cork board, chalkboards, spice racks, and anything else you can dream up, to the interior side of the pantry door.

These country barn-style pantry doors not only conceal the area behind them, they make a design statement and enhance the look of the kitchen.

Here are a few more ideas for inspiration...

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I love unique pantry doors! When done right, they add character and style to your home. I'm so excited to find the right door for my pantry!!

Have a great day!

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I really like all these different pantry doors. Great ideas!! Something so simple to make such a difference! Love it!!

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