Santa Napkin + Around My House Part 1

One of my favorite napkin folds for Christmastime is this festive Santa.  This lil' guy has been at either our Christmas dinner or the big breakfast we have Christmas day for years. It's always fun to have this napkin as part of our table setting. 

I saw something similar years ago at a Bed & Breakfast and came up with my own version of this Santa napkin. They work up fast enough that I've made 80+ for large group parties and people really love them.

You use a standard paper dinner napkin (about 12 5/8" x 12 5/8" size) and unfold it to a large square.

Fold the top and bottom to the middle making a rectangle.  Flatten the edges with your hand.

From the center of the napkin fold each corner out and flatten the edge with your hand.

Once you have all four corners laid out, you'll begin at one end and loosely roll (not fold) to the center of the napkin as seen below. Then roll up the other end to meet at the center.  Don't fold or press.  Roll the ends to the center so it's tubular.

Once you have one end rolled up to the center, it may be easier for you to lay an object like a pencil or utensil on top of the rolled tube so both hands are free to roll up the other end.

Turn over the napkin and as seen above, and fold over the top making the arms as seen below.

Tie a ribbon around the waist, if desired.

Lay the napkin on top of the spoon.

Here is a look at some of my decorations for this year.

I usually put up three trees every year: two upstairs and one downstairs.  This year I was under the weather (so to speak) for over a week so I only decorated two trees.  I always like having one whimsical tree that's fun for the grandchildren.


 It seems like Christmas comes around faster every year.  I can't believe there are only three days to Christmas Eve, but I love all of the family time and fond memories.

Have a great day!


Amber Gruninger said...

I always love your Christmas trees!!! So beautiful!

Unknown said...

I love your Cristmas tree and all your decorations!! The Santa napkins are such a cute idea!!

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