Easy DIY Christmas Cards

I love receiving homemade Christmas cards. It makes me feel special because I know that many DIY cards are labor intensive and time consuming. For many of you it's truly a "labor of love" and you enjoy crafting them. I have a friend who gathers with her sisters every year to make their own Christmas cards.  Each year a different person is charged with designing the card and gathering the supplies for everyone.  Then they have a "sisters' night" and make their cards together. Sounds like so much fun!

However, it isn't necessary to spend hours nor purchase a lot of supplies to make beautiful homemade cards. Within minutes (literally) you can make your own homemade Christmas cards this year and you may already have some of the supplies on hand.

Supplies needed:
Decorative Note Cards + Holiday Embellishments

I'm always buying boxes of blank Decorative Note Cards to keep on hand for those times when I need a gift card or to send a thank you note or birthday wish so I happened to already have plenty of cards.  All I needed were a few packages of embellishments. There are many darling gift and scrapbook tags in various styles available at craft stores. I chose self-adhesive three dimensional tags to give my cards a really homemade look.

You simply remove the backing from the adhesive tape on the back of the tag and stick your tag onto the card. A quick handwritten note on the inside to wish the special friend or family member a Merry Christmas and you're finished. It's that easy!

You can also use gift tags.  Just remove the ribbon that comes with the gift tags, attach the tag to the card with double-sided tape and place a decorated sticky-backed bead over the tag hole. 

If you would like to send Christmas cards with that personal, homemade touch this year, this is a very quick and easy way to make stylish and beautiful cards.

The most difficult part of making these cards is addressing the envelopes!

Have a wonderful day!

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Unknown said...

These are really cute Christmas cards! I can't wait to make them!!

Alex said...

My favorite "fan"! Thanks Jinaya!

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