Easy Thanksgiving Day Table Centerpiece

I am regularly reminded that Thanksgiving is my family's favorite holiday.  That may not have been the case when my children were young, but as they have matured in age they love Thanksgiving.  As Thanksgiving Day draws nearer, my husband reminds me daily how much he looks forward to it. Why? No presents, no expectations - just a gathering of family and friends to celebrate all the blessings in our lives and the traditions we love and enjoy doing together. Sure, there are lots of preparations, but even those are joyful when shared and viewed from the right perspective.  

If you saw my post with planning tips to help lessen the stress of those preparations (view HERE), hopefully you've been able to checkoff several items from your to-do list.  

Four days to go!  Are you still trying to decide on a centerpiece for your table?  Today I'm sharing an idea for a Thanksgiving Day table centerpiece that you can make the day before, made easy by using the right tool.  

Begin with a pumpkin or gourd.  If you're like me, you have plenty to choose from right outside your front door.

Other Supplies:

1) Two bunches of fresh cut flowers from your grocery store. I've use one bunch of flowers and one bunch of greenery.

2) Wire cone. The tool that makes this project easy and look like you bought it from a florist's shop. There are many different options for floral tools and accessories for arranging fresh flowers, but for this simple project you'll only need a wire cone similar to the one I've shown above. You will find these at a hobby store, or someplace like Walmart carries them. 

3) Glass vase   


I decided on this gourd because I love the color variations.  Gourds are unique with their varying colors, wings and warts, however, a pumpkin would also be a perfect choice.

Using a knife, score around the top to mark a cutting line.  Cut off the top and clean out the seeds and the gooey guts from inside.

 Place your glass vase inside your pumpkin and add some water.  Then insert the wire cone into the vase.

Add your flowers using these three simple steps:

First, Filler.  Choose greenery that drops down over your pumpkin.  Cut the ends of each stem on a diagonal (this allows the flowers to absorb water more easily, keeping them fresh longer).  Work in a circle, placing one stem at a time.  

Second, Focal Point:  Often focal points are the largest blooms with a commanding shape or color.  An odd number of these flowers creates the most pleasing combination.  Usually the bunches of fresh flowers you find at your grocery store contain three larger focal point flowers.

Third, Accent:  Add the accent stems.  Usually smaller than the focal point, an accent plays a complementary role.  Lastly, fill in with any remaining greenery.

You can make a lovely arrangement like this for your Thanksgiving Day table without spending a lot of time.  Just remember to pick up the flowers when you finish your last minute shopping at the grocery store. 

I would love to know what you're doing for your Thanksgiving Day tablescape. Leave a comment or email a picture. 

Warmest regards,


Unknown said...

Beautiful centerpiece!

Alex said...

Thank you, Jinaya! We'll make one of these for your home. You'll enjoy learning how easy it is to make beautiful arrangements just from the flowers you buy from your grocery store. Thank you for your support!

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