Decorated Mantel - Small Changes for Halloween

It only takes a few minutes to transform your mantel.  Search these ideas for inspiration.

Because the fireplace always loves being the center of attention, the way its mantel is decorated can tell a lot about the style of the room.  The perfect perch for displaying everything from art to flowers to a personal collection of objects, the mantel can be used to change the feeling and atmosphere of a room instantly.  

For Fall, the basics of my mantel are simple...  

...a painting depicting Fall in all its splendor, a collection of boxwood topiary trees, a plate and wire cage to accentuate the deep red fall color in the painting (placed on the ends of the mantel to form a visual triangle), and votive candle holders.

With a few small additions, it is transformed and ready for Halloween.

I prefer to keep things as easy as possible, while still looking beautiful.  In future posts I'll share ideas and inspiration for decorating mantels, but my preference is to have a basic arrangement that I change seasonally just by adding a few objects to bring in color and atmosphere.  

A spider web table runner effectively adds a spirit of Halloween.  The size and weight of table runners work well draped in various ways across mantels. Here, I wanted most of the web showing so I didn't gather it.

Stacking and layering objects, such as the gourds above, add interest and personality.

I particularly love the frosted tree votive holders I found at Pier 1 Imports this season.  You can see them here.  The tree on the votive is duplicative of the tree in my painting.  Looking for ways to duplicate a theme or aspect of your display adds a designer touch.

Layering books is a great way to add interest and vary heights. 

Using seasonal fruits, vegetables or objects is an inexpensive and great way to add color, atmosphere and style.

Weaving garland across the mantel is an easy way to add color and set the tone you want to achieve.


Soon I'll share the changes I've made for Thanksgiving!  I would love to know what you're doing to bring the blessings of Thanksgiving to your mantel or shelves.  Share a comment - I would love to hear from you!

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