A Message Of Love

Throughout this week I have been working on a host of ideas and time-consuming posts.  There was still a lot of work to do on my post for tomorrow, which I planned to finish up this evening.  Then, life happened.  I had the great opportunity to babysit two of my grandchildren.  I brought my laptop with me and knew that I would have no problem finding time as I watched the kids to hop on and take care of the remaining details - no problem.  As I opened my laptop, the boys were playing so cute and it dawned on me that nothing I had to post would be worth missing the opportunity to REALLY be with my little guys.  So I closed my laptop and enjoyed my time with the boys.

Time for bedtime - was there still time to finish up the post?  One of the boys was a little nervous about going to bed and he said, "It's time for you to go to sleep, too."  He told me, pointing towards the foot of his bed, "there's lots of room down there." As I watched him fall asleep, all I could think about was how grateful I was for the opportunity of this evening; to play with these boys and to be there to watch one of them fall asleep.

A few nights ago I watched an interview on TV that took place with a young French couple who miraculously survived the recent outrageous, sickening terrorist attack at the concert in Paris.  During the interview they were asked to describe what was going through their minds throughout the killing spree - he was hiding in a restroom, she was playing dead on the floor amongst the dying.  The young woman's response deeply touched my heart.  With deep emotions she described the gratitude she felt in her heart for her family and friends who have so richly blessed her life.  It broke her heart to think her family would think she died in fear.  During the horribly tense, frightening moments as she laid there listening to the sounds of horrific screams and guns and chaos, all she could think about was her family and loved ones.  She described how in her mind she said each person's name, individually, and after pronouncing each name said, "I love you."  

Given her predicament, she was sure she would die and it meant so much to her to die with "Love" in her heart.  She refused to let them take that from her.  Love for her family and others who have blessed her life and provided her with so many opportunities.  Love!

Despite the  horrific events happening around the world, our lives must and do go on.  How we respond to these events and treat others, however, is a matter of choice.  Like this young woman, we can choose to allow "Love" to fill our hearts.

This post today is for me.  A reminder that nothing is more important than our families and loved ones and the precious time, however long, that we have to spend with each other.  My little guys are probably too young to remember the fun we enjoyed together this evening, but I'll remember.  I am so grateful for the sweet memories of this evening.

So, the only picture for today is hopefully the one in your mind of Love!

Have a really beautiful day,


Unknown said...

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Very sweet and beautifully said!

Alex said...

Thank you so much Hallie and Jinaya. I appreciate your comments!

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