Natural Splendor - Make Your Own Living Wreath

Creating beautiful arrangements using branches is as simple as a careful perusal of the back yard.  And once you learn the technique, it can be used to combine any combination of nature's splendor.

For materials you need:
Wire wreath frame 
Paddle Wire

For ingredients you need:
6 branches from three different types of trees (for a total of 18)

For my wreath I used:
 6 crabapple branches
6 maple branches
6 viburnum branches (bush)

One of my favorite combinations is:
6 dogwood branches
6 maple branches
6 oak branches

I wanted the look of berries so I tried crabapples and I love how it turned out.  They are a little messy to work with so it is best to assemble outdoors.

The technique is very simple:
First, secure a branch of crabapple to the right side of the wire wreath frame with paddle wire.

Second, trim one crabapple, one maple, and one from your third choice into smaller pieces and assemble small bundles with a mix of the elements.

Secure a bundle on the right side of the frame with paddle wire just below the first branch of crabapple.

Third, continue working clockwise around the frame, alternating between adding small bundles and single larger branches.  Finish by adding the final bundle to the top of the frame.

Once you have your branches, it will take approximately one hour to assemble. It is very easy and the cost is approximately $5 for materials. You can reuse the wire form so it's really just the cost of the paddle wire and a little time.

The wreath will only last a few days so you can add a few berries after the first or second day to extend its life.  I love the radiant colors of fall and this is a simple way to incorporate fall's bounty, and a beautiful way to greet your family and friends.

Once you try it, you'll be addicted!

Warmest regards,


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