Sunday Musing - Legendary Assumption Chapel

I have a passion for architecture and churches. It may sound strange, but I love exploring old churches and touring elaborate cathedrals and temples. Last year a very popular segment I ran on my blog every Sunday for six months called Sunday Musing, focused on my passion. I've decided to begin this weekly segment again and share an old church, cathedral or temple and hope you'll enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing a little about them.

Photo by jimdeb.ebner on Flickr

The story of the legendary Assumption Chapel began with the townspeople of the Cold Springs area of Minnesota gathering together in efforts to rid the area of grasshoppers which were destroying farmers' valuable crops. 

Photo by Glenn M. Harden via Wikipedia

The invasion happened within the course of 24 hours.  One day the grain crops promised a bountiful harvest.  By the next afternoon, they were blanketed by millions of Rocky Mountain grasshoppers.  Farmers made every effort to stop the swarming insects but to no avail.  The crops were destroyed and, even worse, the grasshoppers honeycombed the countryside with eggs that would hatch next spring. Minnesota’s governor proclaimed April 26, 1877, a day of prayer and throughout the next few months the people of the Cold Spring area continued to pray.  They vowed that if the Blessed Virgin would rid them of the grasshoppers, they would build a chapel and offer prayers to her for the next fifteen years. The next day, the grasshoppers were gone.  The people kept their promise and built the chapel on a hill halfway between the parish in Jacobs Prairie and the mission in St. Nicholas.  

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