7 Spring Centerpiece Ideas to Replicate

Easter is a few weeks away and it's always nice to have a fresh flower arrangement to brighten your table. You don't need to spend a lot of time nor money on an expensive centerpiece to have a stunning table. If a country, casual look is your style, this arrangement using a milk carrier with bottles is an easy idea to replicate and will add a touch of charm to your Easter table or it's a perfect arrangement for any time that you need a spring centerpiece.  Further information and sources are provided below.

A sophisticated look for a traditional or elegant table can be easily replicated by placing a potted hydrangea in an elegant container such as this silver bowl and topping it moss. Simple. Sophisticated. Stunning.

Bunches of flowers from your grocery store added to any container you have is an easy and inexpensive way to make your table shine this Easter.

A grouping of hollowed-out eggshells with spring flowers displayed in porcelain egg cups makes a stunning display for any style of Easter table. Beautiful!

If coloring and hollowing out eggs takes more effort that you have time for, simply add your flowers in the porcelain egg cups for a dainty, fresh mini grouping. Here is one source for porcelain egg cups:

Line your table with cut stems of hydrangea in simple glass vases for a simple, yet elegant table setting. 

If you enjoy decorating Easter eggs, let them take center stage and display them prominently as your centerpiece.

If you're hosting Easter dinner this year, or you just need an idea for a spring centerpiece, these ideas can be easily replicated to brighten your table. Here is some further information for the milk carrier and bottles arrangement:

Any flower choice would be wonderful, but my choice is sweet peas. They're colorful, delicate and make a playful addition to this type of arrangement. You can find milk carriers with bottles like the options I've shared below, or use mason jars, like Ball, and add to any metal milk carrier.  I've shared a few options. 

You can use clear floral tape to make a cross hatch pattern across the top of Ball mason jars to support your flowers and keep them standing up straight. Here are a few options if you are interested:

Have a great day!

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