The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care - Tips for Decorating Your Christmas Mantel

A favorite tradition at Christmastime is hanging our stockings in anticipation of waking up early on Christmas morning to find them filled to the brim with small gifts and goodies. If you're like me, they are also an integral part of the holiday decor.

Decorating my fireplace mantel for Christmas is as important as decorating my trees for the holiday season. I like to approach it using some of the same decorating principles that I use on ordinary days. 

Here are some tips:

Mix things up

I love mixing up things that you might not ordinarily think of using or putting together. For example, I usually like using a lot of greenery and lights. Most years I mix faux garland with layers of fresh greenery, fruits, flowers or bulbs. This year I mixed it up and decided to run a faux fur table runner along the mantel shelf and used candles, rather than garland and lights. Try mixing styles, heights, objects or themes to come up with something entirely unique.

Candles give a calming, warm effect to the room. Use safety precautions when burning candles and never leave them unattended. I prefer natural candles, however I only use battery operated candles when I place them on the floor if there are children.

Layer It On

My Christmas mantel is where I break my own design rule of "less is more". When it comes to decorating the mantel for the holidays, "more is more".  This year my mantel is more simple, but consider the surrounding area as part of the whole effect and layer along the sides and floor as part of the mantel decor.

Add Texture and Contrast

I like to add lots of texture and contrast. On my mantel I used various materials and colors: for color - red, white and silver with touches of black; shiny glass candle votives, metal lanterns, wood candle holders, fur. There is also touches of velvet and the knitted stockings. Texture and contrast adds warmth and timelessness or sparkle and fun, and gives visual interest.

Change Things Up

Move your decorations to different rooms every year. If you have a couple of fireplaces in your home try swapping the decor around each year. This gives you a fresh updated look year to year without buying all new ornaments.

Be Authentic and Personalize

What I love about home tours at Christmastime is seeing all the different styles and ideas. Everyone has their own personal taste and style and this is the time to put it on display. Using meaningful objects from your past is one way to make your style unique and personal. Look for other ways to personalize your mantel, such as displaying pictures of family members in unique picture frames, or incorporating a vintage collection of bulbs, nativity, or other personal collection.

Have fun and enjoy being creative. 

  • Knit Stockings - Tai Pan Trading
  • Knit Throw - Pottery Barn
  • Merry Christmas pillow - Tai Pan
  • Black lanterns - Pottery Barn
  • Votives - Pottery Barn

Have a great week!


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