Easy Centerpiece Idea for Your New Year's Eve Celebrations! I'll Show You How To Make Your Table Look Like A Winter Wonderland!

After the budget is spent on Christmas, who wants to spend a lot of money or time on another centerpiece for New Year's Eve? I'll show you how to make your table worth celebrating using what you have.

Before you put away all of those holiday decorations, see if there are a few things you can use on your table and around your home for New Year's Eve and through January. I like to keep "winter" items out through the frosty month of January. Scour your home for items - you have more than you think!

A glass hurricane - 1 large or perhaps 3 small - some ribbon...

glass votives, bulbs,

ornaments with a touch of glam, and I used this pearl garland that I had.

This fur table runner was on my mantle during Christmas. It still works perfect for winter months adding a touch of warmth and glam and makes the perfect base for a Glamorous Winter Wonderland stretched along my table. The fur, together with clear or glass bulbs, frosted bulbs and glass votives add various textures, bounces light and gives your table a glamorous winter wonderland feeling. 

For the main centerpiece I used a large glass hurricane, but you can use multiple glass hurricanes with straight sides for a fabulous look. This literally takes under five minutes and if you already have ribbon and a glass hurricane, it's no additional cost. I love tying ribbon this way.  It's chic and adds a touch of class. 

My hurricane is a large 13" x 9" and I used 4 yards. I really needed five because I like to bring the ribbon around and tie it in front, but this is what I had so I made due. Also, I usually prefer using satin ribbon for this type of project (it works the best) but I wanted a little sparkle so I used this gray glitter grosgrain.

Begin by removing your ribbon from the spool, at the middle wrap it around the top of your glass hurricane where you want the design to begin and bring it around to the front.

Cross the ends and twist 180 degrees. 
So you're just overlapping one end over the other. 

 Continue wrapping around to the back-center of the hurricane and do the same.

Continue around to the front and make another twist, then to the back for one more twist. If you have enough ribbon, bring the ends to the front and tie a knot or bow.  I like a loose knot.

Again, for mine I didn't have quite enough ribbon so I tied my knot in the back.  Trim the ends.

This is the back side, finished.  I put some fun mini snowball ornaments in the bottom of my hurricane because there is a space between the bottom and a tray where the candle sits.

This is the finished front. You can wrap this around as many times as you would like and tie it off in the front or the back.  I prefer the front when I have enough ribbon, but this turned out perfect and it adds a little glam and interest making it a special centerpiece.

Here is a battery-operated candle I wrapped with satin ribbon for Christmas where I brought the ribbon around to the front so you can see how it looks. You can't wrap ribbon around a wax candle and burn it - it would be a fire hazard!

Here is the back

To complete your centerpiece arrangement, layer other elements like I have here - various mercury votives with candles, clear and frosted bulbs, glittered ornaments, and pearl garland for an arrangement that looks spectacular during daytime...

or by evening candlelight...


Make your New Year's Eve table special with this easy idea using many items you already have around your home and transform your table into a Glamorous Winter Wonderland!

Warmest regards,


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