Delicious and Easy Festive Cream Cheese & Cranberry Appetizer Spread

At this busy time of year when time is short and money is tight, it's nice to have a quick and easy idea for a delicious appetizer that doesn't require a boat-load of ingredients and cost a lot of money.

Some of my kids are not big fans of cranberries, but they love this spread and it's so easy.

Simply pick up a prepared cheese ball from your grocery store, dried cranberries, and celery or crackers.

I like purchasing a Green Onion and Almond Cream Cheese Ball. This particular cream cheese ball also has cheddar cheese. Place the cheese ball in a bowl, add 1/3 cup dried cranberries sliced in half, stir together. Fill celery sticks, or use as a spread for crackers.

Adding the cranberries gives this a really festive appearance and I think it improves the taste a hundred percent! Take it to a party or prepare it for your guests; they'll think you spent more time than the 3-5 minutes putting it together!

I'm sure you'll enjoy this delicious and easy festive cream cheese and cranberry spread.  Enjoy!

If you would like to make the stunning sugared cranberries seen here to use as a garnish or a delicious snack, see this link: Sugared Cranberries


1 prepared cream cheese ball (I prefer green onion with almonds)
1/3 cup dried cranberries, sliced in half
celery and/or crackers

Mix cream cheese ball and sliced cranberries together. Spread on crackers or fill celery sticks. 



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