Two Pocket Folded Napkin Tutorial + Fall Place Card Template

Hello everyone! If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year, save yourself a little stress and set your table early. You can leave space for food items and fresh flowers if they are part of your tablescape plan, but everything else can be set up early. 

I found these cloth napkins at Pier 1 this season. Here is a link:  Metallic Trim Napkin.

I loved the simple, yet elegant look and the metallic trim added just the right amount of glam for my setting. As I played around with different options, I knew I wanted to highlight as much of the trim as possible and I came up with this idea. However, this fold will look great with any napkin.

It's fun for placing a place card in one of the pockets, or you could place a flower or other fun item in one of the pockets. I'm also sharing a fall template at the end of this post that you can print and either write or type names or a sweet thought for your guests.

Here are the instructions for folding the napkins:

1.  To begin, spread the napkin out right side down on a flat surface.

2. Fold the napkin in half horizontally. 

3. Fold the napkin in quarters, and turn the opening towards you in a diamond shape.

4. Fold the top (or first) layer all the way to the top of the peak; fold up the second layer leaving a space of 1" to 1-1/2" from the top; then fold the third layer leaving the same distance from the layer before it; and finally fold up the fourth layer leaving the same distance from the layer before it. 

5. Make the first pocket by folding down the third layer over the top of the fourth. It creates the look of an envelope.

6. Make the second pocket by folding down the first layer over the second. You can adjust these a bit if you need to.

7. Turn the napkin over, face down, and fold the corners over one another.  Make sure it's symmetrical from the front. You can iron the napkin as you go for a tailored appearance.

Do you like using place cards at your table for Thanksgiving? I think it adds a special touch, but even if you don't think you need name cards, here are a few ideas for using the fall template:

- Write something you love about each guest.

- Write something your grateful for about each guest.

-Write a sweet message to each person.

-Type "I Am Thankful For" at the top and leave space for your guests to write something they are grateful for before you begin dinner. Include a pen for each guest.

Place Cards

I am grateful that you stopped by today and I hope you've found this post helpful and enjoyable.  Thank you so much!

Warmest regards,


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