The Trendy, Organic Look of Nature-Inspired Objects

The trendy, organic look of nature-inspired objects is no longer limited to flower arrangements and random shell collections. Now, it rules the roost.

I love the look because it's simple, natural, and if you have the desire you can find some creative things to use right outside your door - without spending a lot of money.

I sanded this salvaged elm tree branch smooth, and hung a few glass fall ornaments.

When I'm ready for something different on my table, I'll put it in a corner with some fun things hanging from the branches for Thanksgiving, and then string lights for Christmas.

This year I'm going with a more simple, natural look both indoors and outdoors for the holiday season. It will be easy to transition between the upcoming holidays and provide a great backdrop to decorate around.

What ideas do you have for decorating with nature-inspired objects?

Have a great day!


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