8 Tips For Setting a Beautiful Table

The Holidays are fast approaching. If you're hosting a sit-down dinner, here are a few tips for preparing a beautiful table.

 1. A general rule is to choose the kind of china that best suits the type of food your family enjoys. Simple foods look and taste best on simple country pottery. White china makes any food look good, as it won't conflict with the color of the food.

My tip: Buying a pattern that's easy to match is the best bet. That way you can add mix-and-match pieces as your family grows or as dishes are broken and need to be replaced.

2. I prefer plain white dinner plates as my standard. Then I purchase salad plates for special occasions. This saves storage space and money. You can stock up on salad plates for various holidays, in different colors and patterns, etc., and mix-and match. 

My tip:  My white dinner plates are from Williams-Sonoma's Open Kitchen Collection. It's a beautiful, affordable line of high-fired porcelain called Provisions Collection. If you're looking to expand your dinnerware for a large group or would like to purchase something nice that is reasonably priced, this may be an option for you. They are purchased separately in sets of 12. The pieces run approximately $58 (for 12). If you watch for a sale, which I did, you'll be able to get 12 for $47.

Here is a link if you're interested - Williams-Sonoma Provisions

My fall Botanical Pumpkin salad plates and copper hammered chargers can also be found at Williams-Sonoma. 

3. Large glass mugs and large glasses are the best bet for informal dining. Anything can be served in them, from water to soft drinks to juice, with a gracious and generous feeling.

4. Buy extra soup bowls, as they have great versatility. Besides holding soup, they can be used as salad bowls, liquid condiment holders, small serving dishes, chip bowls, etc.

5. Every setting needs a foundation - tablecloths, table runners and placemats are some of the first choices you'll be making when considering how to set your table, and will also set the tone for your entire layout. If you want to keep your tabletop protected from accidental spills during dinner, consider a full tablecloth. If your table has attractive elements, try to cover it up as little as possible and instead go with a simple placemat and table runner combination.

6. Add an additional layer of color and interest with chargers. It is not necessary for chargers to match your dishes so if budget is a concern, look for deals at dollar stores, Walmart, etc. I use the same chargers and white dinner plates for most sit-down dinners, and change the look with colorful salad plates, napkins, centerpieces, etc. 

7. Bring color to the table with cloth napkins and add a simple detail to give each setting a colorful pop. A small detail adds to the theme of your tablescape and brings a personal touch. Something simple like an ornament tied with ribbon, a gift tag tied with twine, a twig of herb tucked into a napkin ring.

8. Nothing brings out the festive look of a holiday setting better than the soft, elegant flicker of candlelight. Add some character to your table by mixing styles or trying out candles with different heights. Battery-powered candles work beautifully, as well as a string of lights woven into your centerpiece.

It's a hard for me to believe it's almost Halloween. I have some fun ideas coming soon so I hope you'll come back for a visit soon.

Have a lovely day!

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