Defining Your Decorating Style Series: Coastal

Do you like things light and breezy? Do you like a lot of light and sunshine, and wonder what season there is besides sunny and warm? Are you laid back and never worry about someone or something messing up your furniture?  
If so, "Coastal" may be your decorating style. Does this mean you have to live by the sea to be Coastal? No! You can bring the feeling of the seaside and the coastal look to your home by using a few tips to achieve this style.

To achieve this look - keep it simple. Paneled ceiling, painted planks and beadboard are coastal classics and your best friend. Whitewashed or pickled woods, blond maple and ash, or bamboo on flooring as well as furniture work well for this style. Think worn smooth and bleached out, with a salt-kissed patina to achieve a Coastal look. 

I love the ropes with simple sailor's knots used on the pillows above to add a nautical element.

To achieve this look - rooms should feel breezy. A sandy color palette using gentle hues of blues and greens with whitewashed accents works well. 

Layers of cream, beige and khaki also evoke the Coastal style.

To achieve this look - decorate with found objects and nautical accessories, such as ropes, sailboats, oars and sea-side prints. This homeowner repurposed old, worn-out jeans into a cover for a bench in her entryway. Above, the gallery of wall art is comprised of her own handmade art, wall-paper samples, and shop-bought prints.

The clever kitchen blinds are made out of old coffee sacks.

Style at Home
 Blake Morar – The Morar Group via Home Bunch

Clever use of oars bring the nautical element to this bunk room, in addition to the navy painted stripe.

To achieve this look - think crisp fabrics, nautical accents and tailored furnishings. Coastal furniture should give the impression that it can stand up to salty air and sandy feet, even if you live on a suburban street in a large city. Slip covers, (if you use white, which is often a favorite in Coastal style, make sure it is washable), sturdy wood tables and case goods, wicker, rattan and even thick glass fit well with this style.

Coastal style is at its best when it sets a mood, rather than hitting you over the head with its beachiness.

To achieve this look - let the "light" in. Light may be the single most important element in Coastal style decor. That's why interiors are light and breezy. Window treatments should be simple enough not to obscure the view and the light from flowing into the room. Allow windows, glass doors and, if possible, skylights to allow sunshine to flood in.   

To achieve this classic coastal look - use traditional and elegant furniture styles and layouts. Slipcovers are a great idea for sofas and chairs - white or cream always looks upscale if that works for you, or you can mix it up with some stripes as well. This maritime blue looks beautiful in this room.

So what do you think? Is Coastal Style for you?

If you like things light and breezy. If you like lots of light and sunshine, and you wonder what season there is besides sunny and warm. If you are laid back and never worry about someone or something messing up your furniture. Then, Coastal may be your style!

Watch for a home tour of a lovely Coastal home coming to the blog soon, as well as some links to fabulous places to shop for coastal items.

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Have a great day!


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