What Does Your Front Door Say?

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The old saying that first impressions count is definitely true when it comes to your home. The front door is a huge part of your home's first impression. It's a transitional part of the facade that makes a statement about who you are, not to mention that it has an impact on the value of your home. I have a few projects on my "honey do list" for this summer and revamping my front door is on the top of my list.

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One of the easiest and quickest ways to add instant curb appeal to your home with dramatic results is to paint your front door.  Sometimes deciding the best color to paint your door can be difficult. 

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Here is a link to helpful tips for choosing the right color for your front door by HouseBeautiful and you'll find instructions for the perfect paint job here at Sherwin Williams.

Is it time for a new door?

If you're inspired to install a new door or you're building a new home, functionality is the primary and most important purpose of an exterior door. While it has to be tough enough to withstand the elements, it also should complement and add to the aesthetics of your home. The three most common exterior door materials today are wood, fiberglass composite, and steel. Here is a little information about each type...

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Wood doors are one of the more common choices for a front door. Modern wood door models are often sandwiches of wood veneer skins over a wood core. This construction tends to minimize the change of warping and also lowers cost. For this type of wood door, look for furniture-grade veneers that are at least 1/16 inch thick. Anything thinner may be too easily damaged.

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While wood doors are luxurious and beautiful, they also offer a fair amount of upkeep. Wood is sensitive to moisture, and wetness in the wood can cause the door to warp, crack and change shape. Sun is also an important factor in the life of your wood door. If your door is protected from these elements, it's bound to last much longer.

A durable alternative to wood or steel doors is Fiberglass Composite, which is virtually maintenance free and a good choice in harsh and humid climates.

Fiberglass composite doors mimic the look of wood with wood-gran texturing and can be stained to match oak, cherry, walnut, and a variety of other woods.

Since this material resists denting, warping, rot, rust, and other issues associated with wood and steel, fiberglass composite is a good choice for a front door exposed to extreme weather.

Steel Doors are secure and strong, and won't crack or warp like wood. Although they can dent, minor damage can usually be repaired with a simple auto-body repair kit. They have great insulating value and can help cut energy costs.

Steel doors are a good choice in terms of security, durability, energy efficiency and they are reasonably priced.

All three types - wood, fiberglass composition, and steel - come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

So, what does your front door say? If it's crying for help, whether you re-paint or look for options to replace your door, it's a good way to enhance the appearance of your home and increase its value.

Have a great day!


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