Sunday Musing - St. George's Cathedral, Lviv, Ukraine

In honor of a young lady from my neighborhood currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Lviv Ukraine, today's Sunday Musing are photos of the exquisite St. George's Cathedral located in the city of Lviv.

The Cathedral is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture. It was constructed between 1744-1760 on a hill overlooking the beautiful city.

It was designed by architect Bernard Meretyn and sculptor Joann Georg Pinsel and reflect both Western influences and the traditions of Ukrainian church construction.

An expressive statute of St. George the Dragon-slayer, by Pinsel, stands in the church attic. Pinsel's hands also created the stony images of St. Leo, the Pope and St. Athanasuis who stand on guard over the church portal "warning with their stern look about their readiness to fight against anyone not showing enough venerability." ( Nykolyshyn, Yuriy. (2006) Lviv. Apriori Press. Lviv, Ukraine. pg. 63, 67. ISBN 966-8256-09-3).  In contrast, the architecture of the courtyard has a more soothing effect on visitors.

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Kris Carroll said...

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Alexis Gruninger said...

Very helpful information, Kris. Thank you so much for sharing! Alexis

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