Saturday's Swig & Swag

This weeks Saturday's Swig & Swag is all about a little sweet 'n a little sour, and a lot of character.

For today's Swig:

My family probably tests three beverages before I settle on one great tasting one that I want to share, but not this week. Today's Swig was perfect the first time and everyone loved it, and it only takes two ingredients to make!

For an easy, yet delicious strawberry lemonade try mixing your favorite lemonade and sliced strawberries with sugar. It's the perfect blend of a little sweet and a little sour! 

Simply Strawberry Lemonade
Pre-made Simply Lemonade (or use your favorite brand)
1 container frozen Sliced Strawberries with Sugar, thawed

In an 8 oz. glass add crushed ice
Add 2 Tablespoons thawed sliced strawberries
Fill glass with lemonade
Garnish with sliced lemon

Your guests will love this lemonade, and you'll love it too! It's easy and delicious! 
It's Simply Strawberry Lemonade!
What's not to love?

For today's Swag: An Easy Way to Add Character

Are you looking for an easy way to spruce up your home?  The key thing to bear in mind is that adding personality or changing the character of a room doesn't have to be expensive or a long and  tedious project that takes weeks and weeks to accomplish. Sometimes it's nothing more than adding new throw pillows.

Discover ways to transform your room with these ideas:

Throw pillows can transform an entire room's decor and deliver a beautiful touch of swag!

Here are eight sources to explore for unique, colorful and beautiful pillows:

Pottery Barn
Bed Bath & Beyond
World Market
West Elm
Crate & Barrel

Have a great Saturday!

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