Friday's Five Favorite Ideas to Store Books

Are you living with a lot, and a lot of books? As many times as I go through our books and donate, I still have plenty of books, and that means I need a way to display and store them - attractively!  Take a page from these five fabulous ideas to store the books you have - attractively!

Turn an ordinary bookcase into a fabulous eye-catching Framed Bookcase. British manufacturer of bespoke furniture Mark Taylor Designs created this elegant way to store and display books, complete with accent lighting.  I know that many of you DIYers would be able to create a similar look. Even on a smaller scale, this idea scores big!

 Don't you love great ideas for repurposing furniture? Better Homes & Gardens shared this clever idea to turn an old dresser into a bookcase/entertainment center. Remove all the drawers but the top ones, and stack books horizontally inside the openings. Use the remaining drawers for all your tech gear to limit clutter and keep it organized. 
Invisible bookshelves create an interesting and artistic wall feature as well as a creative way to store books. Have you ever seen these floating bookshelves?  This would be a great solution for storing books in a bedroom or small apartment where storage and space is limited, and they are not expensive. They are made by Umbra and can be purchased at most online stores, such as Amazon.
Here is a link to Amazon if you would like to check them out. 
If floor space is limited, consider grouping wall-mount ledges and storage cubes to create a book display.  Paint the storage cubes and shelves the same color as the wall to create a cohesive look.
And last, but certainly not least, a hallway with built-in bookcases on both sides add extra storage space in this gorgeous home.
Here are five tips for styling a bookcase like a pro.
  • Showcase your beautiful collections along with your books. Photos, clocks and other curiosities makes a bookcase feel more personal and is a great way to share your personal style.
  • Stack books horizontally on top of one another, vertically, and even lean at an angle to add visual rhythm. If the spine of a book is distracting, turn it around and face the pages out (especially if it's an older book) for visual interest. 
  • Group like with like. Unite your displays by grouping items by theme, color, shape, texture or material. Like things together give the biggest bang.
  • Mix in art pieces or a mirror either hung on the outside frame and/or as part of a composition.
  • Layer books, objects and other accessories, but don't overcrowd! 
Reminder: If you live in earthquake country or if your bookshelves rattle ominously when the kids run past, be sure to secure the shelves to the wall with L-brackets or hook-and-eye latches for safety.
How do you store your books? Storage solutions for books is oftentimes a problem for many of us. I hope there's something here to inspire you!  
Have a great weekend!


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