Floral Arrangement of the week + Zinc Containers

Source: Vibeke
On Thursdays I like to share my love of flowers. I would rather splurge on flowers and unique containers than a night at The Ritz-Carlton. I know not everyone would agree, but I love the instant freshness and brightness flowers add to any room. Today, I'm sharing a couple of Spring arrangements from Norwegian blogger Vibeke. I instantly fell in love with her rustic zinc containers with paw feet. They are amazing! 

Adding bulbs to a planter is beautiful enough, but I love how she added natural elements from her yard. It adds character and interest. Simple twigs, grass, and a feather spruce up the simple arrangement.

Adding a few eggs keeps with her theme and style.

Isn't this simple, yet stunning. These arrangements are the perfect way to bring the beauty of Spring indoors. They would look lovely outdoors on your porch, also.

Make a simple, yet wonderful centerpiece to adorn your table with branches from your yard. Place them in a vase or container that fits your style and display as is, or add an element of Spring by hanging eggs or tying ribbon on the branches for a festive touch.  

These spectacular zinc containers, of course, are from Europe - Decorative Collective. Vibeke's zinc containers are from Affari of Sweden. I've seen similar galvanized metal pots at Williams-Sonoma, Etsy, Target, and a few local nurseries. I purchased a few rustic galvanized containers this Fall from Tai Pan Trading.

Have a wonderful day!

Photo Sources: 1-5 Vibeke / 6 Decorative Collective


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