Valentine's Fun + Pattern for Bags

What could be sweeter than these cute Valentine bags filled with treats to celebrate that special someone? 

I love making my own paper bags for gifts. There are so many ways to make them unique and they are inexpensive to make.

Here's what you'll need to make 3" by 6-1/4" bags:

Pattern for Bag (print on cardstock)
Paper (any kind)
Double-sided adhesive tape
Paper straws for arrows / Stickers
Ribbon (if you don't want to use the arrows)
Hand punch for holes

Print the pattern onto cardstock and cut around solid lines. Trace onto your paper and cut out sack. For the white bags I used white printing paper and they look darling. The other bags are made from various double-sided craft paper.

Using a ruler for straight lines, score along dotted fold lines. Fold.

Secure the long side of the bag first with double-sided adhesive tape.

Next, fold the bottom of the bag beginning with the sides first. Secure sides to the top flap with double-sided adhesive tape, then fold up the bottom flap for a nice finished look.

Using double-sided craft paper makes a beautiful bag - the coordinating pattern on the inside gives the bag a classy look.

For the tip of the arrow, I made cutout hearts using a heart punch, but you can cut triangles for the tip, too. Cut out a shape of the tail feathers, and using your double-sided adhesive tape secure the tip and feather ends to the paper straw. Fill your bag with treats or a small gift, then fold the top of the bag over the arrow and secure with a sticker. 

I found cute felt hearts with adhesive backs and paper straws at my local crafts store.

If you prefer, you can punch two holes at the top of the front and back of the bag and on both sides, then thread ribbon through and tie with a bow.

These cute bags filled with Valentine's treats would be perfect for your children, teachers, or friends.  

Your kids would also have fun making these cute bags for their special Valentines!

Have a great day!

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Unknown said...

These Valentines bags are adorable!! My girls and I are going to make these this week. Thanks for the cute idea!!

Alex said...

Thanks, J! They'll have fun making them!

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