Six Ideas to Steal from the Gardens of Provence

One of my many favorite memories on a trip years ago to the Provence region in southeast France, was the beautiful gardens. The mild climate of this region allows residents to enjoy outdoor living nearly all year round. Provence gardens are linked to the farmhouses that are central to the region and include other elements such as lavender fields, terraced plantings, ancient stone walls and patios shaded by olive trees and wisteria. Some of these charming features can be adapted in your garden.

Here are six ideas to steal from the beautiful gardens of Provence.

Grow Topiaries. It's easy to achieve the look of a garden in Provence with topiaries. You can make your own striking topiary with rosemary or other herbs, or choose a vining plant like English ivy. You'll need a distressed pot, a form if using something like ivy, good soil, and sphagnum moss, if desired, to fill the form. As the plants grow, train them to the form by helping them wrap around the form. Also, prune or pinch back any shoots that cannot be easily trained to the topiary forms.
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Potted Plants. You can capture some of the ambiance of Provence by grouping potted plants. Try using terracotta pots or olive jars with great patina. 

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Herb Garden: Capture the taste of Provence by growing an herb garden in antique pots. For an elegant design and instructions for growing a Provencal herb garden in containers on a patio or deck, see HERE for instructions and plants.

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Fountains: Among my favorite garden elements from Provence were the beautiful fountains. Water is a precious element in the region where droughts are frequent. Fountains appear in varying shapes and sizes as garden ornamentation and provide a refreshingly cool element in the dry climate. See HERE for a look at the beautiful fountains of the region.

Provencal Garden: You may not have an incredible farmhouse to back a dining table up to, but achieve a similar look with the perfect mixture of pergolas, gravel, pots, and beautiful plants. Find a little spot and lay gravel beneath a rustic table. Wisteria is a popular plant and grows in many different climates. Patina is key to Provencal pots, planted with your favorite plants.

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Here are some helpful tips for growing and training Wisteria.

Potted Citrus: You may be thinking it's impossible to grow citrus trees in a cold climate like Utah. Well, my grandmother grew lemon and lime trees in her home for years, from seed. For varieties that grow well in cold climates and growing tips, see HERE.
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