Defining Your Decorating Style Series: Rustic Meets Modern for a Perfect Combination

Last week we looked at Rustic Style living on my Defining Your Decorating Style series. A new design trend for those who love the charm and warmth of rustic look combined with a clean, contemporary feel are increasingly embracing Modern Rustic. The sleek metallic island above with the contemporary bar stools and accessories, paired with the wood accents in the floor, ceiling, cabinetry and shelves, are the perfect example of this trend.

The style is elegant, yet incorporates the more traditional rustic-feel into the sleek contemporary look with the use of wood. Rustic interiors give a sense of connection to the past, and in combination with the modern furniture elements, it gives the comfort that many seek.

Source: Decoist
Following the design features found in rustic style: raw wood and stone, simple natural fabrics, big windows, natural color scheme, and fireplace, Modern Rustic incorporates sleek modern furniture and amenities.

I like sharing a home tour with each segment of this series. In keeping with that, this home is a beautiful example of the perfect combination when "rustic meets modern amenities." I hope you enjoy and find inspiration!

For more information on this home, see Houzz.

So what do you think of the modern twist to rustic? Is this look for you?

Have a great day!


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