Defining Your Decorating Style Series: Rustic - Natural Simplicity

Are you all about bringing the outdoors indoors? Are you most happy surrounded by nature?

Would you rather make your own art than buy it? Do you find enjoyment in exploring unknown landscapes, and taking drives through old country roads?  
Rustic Style may be your match, especially if you find simplicity refreshing and are most comfortable bringing the outdoors in. The welcoming style of Rustic decor highlights natural beauty and a rugged, resilient spirit.

Interiors evoke a sense of connection to the past and a simpler time that is hard to resist. Here in Utah we are right at home with rustic style living and the beauty of natural environments.

Design Tip: To bring unity to your home, pull - and evolve - your palette from one space to the next using similarly colored rugs, throws, wall color, pillows, and bed linens. Notice how the wall color, flooring, color palette and simple natural lines in the furnishings flow from the living area (above) to the dining area (below).

Characteristics you find in rustic style design embrace nature-inspired textures such as reclaimed wood, stone, simple and earthy colors and distressed finishes.

Three basics for making this welcoming, natural style work in your home:

Raw Natural Materials: Texture plays an important role in this style from ceilings to floors. 

Expose your beams, use reclaimed wood, and include stone, with emphasis on rugged, natural beauty. Distressed, wide plank natural wood, stone, or tile are good choices for flooring.

Simple Natural Fabrics: The natural aspect of a rustic home carries through to the upholstery, linens, and rugs. Simple fabrics without a print are a common choice. Think linen throw pillows, jute, sisal, and hides for natural appeal.

Notice the cowhide rug in the children's bedroom. Cowhides are often popular for their practicality and natural look. They are extremely durable and hard to stain, making them a good choice for this rugged style.

Source:  Houzz

A touch of elegance is added to this rustic master bedroom with monogrammed pillow shams and luxury bedding.  The large patterned rug adds just the right touch of color.

Window Treatments, Wall Decor & Accessories:  Expansive windows are a perfect way to bring the outdoors in, so with this style window treatments should be simple, nothing ornate or overdone. Except for privacy, bare windows are ideal. Where walls and ceilings are a source of interest and play an integral part of the decorating scheme, the windows do not require a lot of dressing.

Your finishing pieces in Rustic decorating style may be few, but will typically make a statement in the room, and they might very well have some special sentimental value as well. If you scroll through the pictures in this post you'll notice that the rooms do not cover the walls with a lot of decor.

Simplicity and a light touch with the accessories and wall decor is key...let the overall space speak for itself.

Rustic style decor is all about enjoying the outdoors, evoking a relaxing feeling of warmth, and embracing natural simplicity.  So what do you think? Is your decorating style Rustic?
Have a great day!

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