Defining Your Decorating Style Series

Have you ever taken a quiz to define your decorating style? I've taken several and my results vary depending on the quiz.  I have been told I am "traditional", another told me I am "cottage", yet another indicated my style is "French country".  This is not to say these quizzes are not helpful! They can be, and if you feel it would be helpful you can find several available online to try.

So what are you? Are you contemporary? French Country? Traditional? Cottage? Rustic? Industrial? Bohemian? Coastal? Mid-century modern?  Confused?
Source: La Boheme
Many of us peruse home decor magazines, books, websites, and blogs and like much of what we see there, but when it comes to decorating our own homes, we aren't quite sure which way to turn or know how to go about getting the same look. It can be very confusing sometimes.
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While I may lean to a traditionalist style, my personal philosophy is to embrace what I love and not allow labels to define my decorating tastes. The truth is that most of us are a healthy mix of several of the above categories. In addition, unless you live alone we are typically decorating with several personalities and styles in mind!  

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Where does one begin? It can certainly be overwhelming figuring out what you like and what fits in your home, which is why I wanted to explore some of the options.  Over the course of this new series, I'll do my best to first define and highlight some of the most popular styles to help you pinpoint the style that fits your (and your family's) unique tastes, and then provide tips and inspiration from some of the top designers and bloggers to help you achieve the look in your own home.  

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I hope you will come back tomorrow for "Defining Cottage Style". If there is something specific you would like to see covered this month, please let me know at decoratedmantel.com.  I'll do my best!

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