UPDATED: Sunday's Musing - Beautiful LDS Provo City Center Temple

I've been anxious to share a few images and details surrounding this beautiful edifice for this week's Sunday Musing. If you are from Utah or nearby area, you may remember the devastating fire just days before Christmas on December 17, 2010, that gutted the Provo Tabernacle, leaving many in tears.  

The Tabernacle, located in the central Utah community of Provo, was built in 1885, and was a cherished piece of this community's pioneer heritage. 

Photo Source - Deseret News

The historic icon served as a Tabernacle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and was home to many religious and cultural events, including visits from U.S. Presidents like William Howard Taft.

Here is a photo from Provo Historical Images of President Taft and Senator Smoot visiting Provo.

According to press reports after the fire, a large painting of Jesus was found to have survived. All the figures including the background in the painting, with the exception of Jesus, were burnt by the fire. The figure of Jesus was surrounded by a clean, untouched area. Those who reported seeing the painting described it as remarkable, and were awestruck.

On October 11, 2011, LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson announced this Tabernacle would be rebuilt to serve as a second temple in Provo

The beautiful exterior photo above and those following (unless sourced otherwise) were taken by Scot Facer Proctor (found HERE).

This photo of the steeple and spires rising up against the backdrop of the massive Wasatch Mountains is stunning.

This is a close-up on the art glass windows in the steeple of the temple.

The gold statute of the Angel Moroni faces east. It may be hard to make out, but there are two pigeons resting on his trumpet in this photo!

This Christus statue stands in the pavilion to the south of the temple.

According to the photographer, Scot Facer Procter, "Every part of the temple is made to remember those who built it with details that reflect the 19th century, including the center of this fountain." Source

Most temples have this inscription, "Holiness to the Lord, the House of the Lord," at the entrance. This particular temple has three entrances where you see this inscription.

The following interior pictures of the temple were provided by The LDS Church Newsroom.  (source)

This is an image in the entry of the temple on the east side. This particular stained glass piece was once in a Presbyterian Church in New York. 

The baptistery above is born on the backs of twelve oxen, each one different. The marble for the baptistery came from India.

This is the bride's room. The stencil around the ceiling copies a piece of stenciling that was found behind some plasterboard in the original tabernacle after the fire.

This is the Celestial room - beautiful and serene. 

The temple is home to beautiful chandeliers, amazing architecture, original artwork and intricate details.

Another interesting story relates to this pulpit. It is the only original furnishing from the tabernacle. It was saved because the original pulpit was movable and could be taken out when the building was being used for concerts. The night the Tabernacle collapsed into flames, the pulpit had been removed and was not in the building.

photo source

Here is an interesting time lapse video of the intricate work by one of the artisans with Glass Images & Creations in Orem, Utah.


For more information on Glass Images & Creations, see HERE and HERE.

This is a sealing room.

This grand staircase winds through the temple.

Over a thousand different architects, laborers, and artisans worked on the temple.
Image Source: The Salt Lake Tribune
From ashes...

Image Source
comes this beautiful edifice.

I hope you enjoyed this look into the new Provo City Center Temple. For many people it is a unique opportunity to see images of the beautiful interiors of  LDS temples, or attend an open house. 

The Church's open house to the public for this temple began January 15. The temple will be dedicated March 19-20. You will find more information about the open house HERE.

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