Reinvent Your Home's Foyer With Three Elements

Your foyer makes the important first impression of your home. Using three elements and remembering a few important keys will help you successfully reinvent your entryway in a way that expresses the mood, style, and character you want for your home.

Most entries need only three elements such as: 

a mirror (which will visually expand the space) or artwork to set the tone; 

a table or chest for placing or storing items such as keys; 

and seating, where possible, or another useful element such as a coat rack.

This foyer is well balanced and large enough to accommodate a seating area. If your space allows, an upholstered piece is a nice addition. (I love the side table flanking the settee.) 

One key to remember, a rug can soften and define your space as well as bring in more colors.

Your entryway sets the tone and style of your home. Using a lamp and/or candles will create a nice ambiance for the evenings. I love walking or driving past a home during evening time and seeing the warm glow of dim lights or burning candles in an entryway.  It makes a peaceful and homey statement. 

A mirror not only reflects light and expands the space, it's nice to have to check yourself on your way out. A basket to hold items such as shoes will keep the area free from clutter, or a bench tucked underneath a table can be pulled out for guests to sit.

In this foyer the table sets the stage for a lively vintage style.  The colors and patterns in the artwork and accessories greet guests with a bold statement, and the colorful bench for sitting can be pushed under the table to save space.  So in this entryway the three elements highlighted are the table, the colorful accessories, and the bench.

You only need one piece of furniture with character, such a table or chest or upholstered piece, to give personality to the foyer.  Look for a piece that defines your design preferences, and showcase your favorite treasures.

Source:  Southern Living

Choose a color palette for your foyer that leads well into the adjoining spaces.  Remember, it is an extension of your home.

 Source: Midwest Living

The three highlights in this bright foyer are a white-painted vintage console, an old window frame made into a mirror, and an ironstone pot filled with fresh greens. The "rule of three" makes decorating your foyer easy when you think of it in that way. 

In this foyer, the wood sideboard, woven bench, and black-framed mirror are the three highlighted elements.

Source: videka porta
Make it practical and so it suits your needs when entering and leaving the house.

Source:  Etsy and Pinterest

Add a personal touch with details that reflect your personality and the people who live there like a special photo, a throw, or special piece of artwork that tells a story.

A bouquet of flowers or other transitional piece adds a fresh personal touch.

You'll almost always find a bouquet of fresh flowers in the lobby of a nice hotel. Why? Flowers add freshness and transform a space with color. They transition the outdoors to indoors and make people feel welcome and at home. 

Source: Southwest Living
Even a small entry, such as in an apartment or townhome, can have an eye-catching display. Here, an extra-large mirror visually expands this space, while bold graphic artwork and accessories add interest, and a patterned rug softens the space.
Source: Midwest Living
Reinventing your foyer is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Three elements such as a mirror or artwork; a table or chest; and seating or other useful element like a basket or coat rack. Let these pieces reflect your style, personality, and atmosphere of your home.

Email a few pictures of your creative ideas to me at decoratedmantel@gmail.com.  I would love to see how you decorate your foyer!

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This is just the post I need! I am trying to figure out what to do with my entryway right now and these are all great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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