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Does Christmas season find you festive...or frazzled? I think we would all agree, there is not enough time, money or energy to do everything we'd love to do in this season.  Often we feel overwhelmed and frazzled with all of the doing, going, and preparing and we don't always do enough enjoying.

The holidays can go by very quickly, and if you're not intentional, it's easy not to make the most of the season.  What would happen if you began to savor more moments this season? Research shows that "savoring", intentionally living in the moment and noticing good things as they happen, creates positive emotion that can improve your health, happiness and relationships. It requires that you slow down and find delight in the special events you have planned, and also in preparing for those events. It requires that you simplify and focus on the aspects of the season that are most important to you. With just over one week before Christmas, try these five suggestions to simplify and focus on "savoring" over the next nine days: 

Seek a fresh perspective: Make a change.
Take one task that drives you crazy during the holidays and tackle it in a new way. A fresh approach just might make a difference. For example, if you dread having to send out holiday cards, enlist your husband and split the list.

Prune the to-do-list:  Ask, "If I don't do this, what will happen?" Aim to eliminate a few of the tasks from your list and focus only on those that are most important.
A busy attorney I know told me her guilt of the season this year is she has no craft for her two young children. Then she proceeded to tell me about a pre-made gingerbread house she purchased for them to decorate.  Hmmm...crafts DO NOT need to be homemade. It's the time we spend together that makes the event special. Eliminate or delegate tasks down to the necessary items to give yourself more time and energy in order to spend quality time with family and friends doing the things you most enjoy. 


Wrap as you go. Who wants to spend Christmas Eve catching up on wrapping chores? 
Wrapping presents is one of my favorite things, but for some it is a real chore. Instead of missing out on time with family and friends on Christmas Eve, try wrapping as you go.  Keep wrapping supplies in a plastic bin or box so they're handy and organized and wrap a few gifts each night. Listen to Christmas music as you wrap and savor the experience. Or, whenever possible request free gift wrapping to save work for you.

Scale back on decor.  Focus on the Big Three.
I will not lie, this is the most difficult area for me to scale back. Some years, however, I do not have the time and energy to do everything I want. For those times, focusing holiday decor on what I term as "The Big Three" - front door, tree and focal point - will bring a festive feel to the house and by scaling back it allows time and energy to have fun and enjoy the time you spend decorating.

Focus on what's most important. Know when to say no.
With so many events, traditions, parties, we only say yes to meaningful events that focus on the holiday and bring the whole family together. This allows time to really savor the moments together. Consider throwing the big blowout parties at another time of the year, when you and your guests will have fewer commitments competing for your precious time.

Savoring requires no more time, money or energy - but you may be surprised at how practicing this skill, just a little, can increase your sense of abundance in all things.

I wish you a Christmas season filled with many moments of love, joy and peace.

Warmest regards,


Amber Gruninger said...

Beautiful post and wonderful advice!!

Jinaya Whiting said...

Love all of these pictures and I agree with Amber...wonderful advice!!

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