O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree - How to Adorn it With Ribbon from Amber's House

I have mentioned before that on occasion I will be sharing ideas by my daughter-in-law, Amber, and today is one of those occasions. Amber has a very tasteful style and natural talent to put elements together when she decorates. One thing that always stands out to me when I'm looking at a Christmas tree decorated with ribbon is the technique that was used, and this is something Amber does like a pro.

There are many different techniques and tips out there on how to add ribbon to a Christmas tree, and it really depends on the look you are trying to achieve. I'm showing two methods that Amber used on her trees this year that give a loose, less structured, more natural look.

Select two to three different ribbons in various widths and textures that coordinate with your ornaments and the look you're trying to achieve. It's not necessary to limit yourself to ribbon. Using fabric pieces is a great alternative to ribbon. (Check out my post HERE for using Microfiber Feather Dusters).

For this tree, Amber chose spools of wide burlap and a more narrow black and white striped ribbon. You can find great selections of ribbon this time of year at craft stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Amber found this wide burlap at Walmart.

First Technique:  After putting on the lights, you add your selection of ribbon. You should always add ribbon to a Christmas tree before adding anything else. It makes it so much easier than having to work around ornaments, and it allows you to place the ribbon deep into the tree, which creates the fullness you're looking for.

Beginning at the top of the tree with the widest ribbon first, secure the end with wire or with a sprig from the tree.  Using this method you drape the ribbon from top to bottom, tucking it into the tree at intervals as you weave the ribbon in and out through the branches. This will create peaks and valleys and create added dimension to your tree decor.

To add to the overall presentation, Amber selected three coordinating wrapping papers to wrap presents.  It looks lovely.

For her second Christmas tree, Amber chose three different ribbons in different colors, widths and textures that coordinated with the theme and ornaments for her tree.  Cut strips of each in 3' to 4' lengths.

Second Technique:  Again, before adding anything else (except the lights), gather three of the cut ribbons, one of each color, make a loop with the ribbons and secure it with wire, then secure the bow to the tree.

When you're using bows on your tree, make sure the size and scale of the bow is in keeping with the overall size of the tree - 8 to 10 medium size bows on a 9 ft. tree should be enough!

Allow the tails of the bows to hang naturally.

Now it's time to layer, layer, layer. 

For added dimension, insert pics or sprays randomly throughout your tree.

As you begin adding ornaments, don't just place your ornaments on the surface of the tree, layer your ornaments within the tree branches.  Place solid colored ornaments deep into the tree and hang the more colorful and ornate ornaments on the tips of the branches.

And remember, 
Vary the shapes and sizes of your ornaments
Vary the color tones, using shiny ornaments along with matt and textured finishes
Adding solid color ornaments will help ground the tree and create an element of consistency within your theme
For added impact, try clustering small ball ornaments together with a wire and hang them in groupings.
A fun tradition Amber has is to buy a new ornament every year for each of her boys.

Branson sure loves it!  And it's something that makes it special for them.

Above all, have fun, fun, fun!

Here are a few more festive ideas around Amber's House:


I'll be sharing a tour of my home as soon as it's finished.  Have a really great day!

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I love the christmas trees and decorations!! So festive! Great job!!

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