Decking Your Doors

Nothing welcomes holiday guests into a home quite like a Christmas wreath.  As you plan your holiday decor, get inspired from this selection of wreaths for decking your doors, windows or lampposts...

Image via: Canadian Living

Do you have old ornaments you've been saving and you're not sure why?  Glue them to a cylindrical styrofoam wreath base and turn them into a stunning wreath that is sure to draw attention.  See HERE for step-by-step instructions.

If you prefer fresh wreaths, you can use the technique I showed HERE for making a living wreath and use fresh evergreen boughs to make a fragrant smelling wreath.  There is nothing like the smell of fresh evergreen - I love it.  

Or you can follow the instructions found at this LINK from MarthStewart.com for step-by-step instructions for making your own fresh wreath.

Whether you prefer fresh or faux, this traditional decoration has been around for centuries and is one of the most recognizable signs of the season. 

Adding jingle bells to a wreath adds an additional sign of the season every time the door is opened. I love the sound of bells jingling.

Sometimes it's fun to use a wreath with a unique shape - trying thinking outside of the box for your wreath this year. This square wreath is one I would love to use to deck my door.

I would love to see how you "Deck Your Door" for the Holidays this year. Leave a comment or upload and email your pictures to decoratedmantel@gmail.com.

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