Leaving cookies for Santa or sprinkling reindeer food outside on Christmas Eve, eating grandma's flapper pie or gathering for a big breakfast on Christmas Day...

We all have family traditions!

From decorating the Christmas tree to leaving cookies for Santa, Christmas traditions offer great ways to celebrate the holiday season that leave lasting and meaningful experiences we cherish.  

In many families setting up the nativity scene is one of the season's first traditions. The pieces in the nativity set above are chipped, broken and glued, and reglued.  Anyway, that may be what others see when they look upon my nativity set.  What I see, on the other hand, are the hours and hours of labor and love by my Yaya (or Yiayia, which is Greek for grandma).  She spent countless hours painting and working on this ceramic set. The first thing we all did together after Thanksgiving was to set up her nativity. I have very fond memories of helping her and always told her that I wanted it someday.  As we were cleaning her home after she died, we found a piece of paper with my name placed with her nativity.  As long as there is superglue I will never own another nativity set!

"At the heart of every family tradition is a meaningful experience." (author unknown)

We all have family traditions that we cherish!  Big or small, traditions are the glue that bind our families together. Whenever you feel burdened with the time it takes to prepare for your traditions, remember the meaningful experiences you're creating. My oldest daughter always reminds me how much she loved it as a young girl when we took Christmas to another family in need.  I only share that because at times I remember feeling overwhelmed and didn't always realize the impact it was having on my young children at the time.

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions that your family cherishes?  I would love to hear about them.

Now for my experience...I had a long day yesterday so "fast food" was on the menu for dinner. I must also profess that I am a "news junkie" and I have been glued to the news since the terrors in Paris and most recently in San Bernardino, California.  As I waited in the drive-up line for our "fast food" dinner I was yet again listening to the news coverage and I must say this latest shooting in San Bernardino has left me with a range of emotions from extreme sadness to frustration and beyond.  As I pulled up to the window to pay, the young cashier told me that the car ahead of me PAID for my food, and wishes me a "Happy Christmahanakwanzika"!

In that brief moment, the greatness of humanity was reborn in my heart. It's so important to remember the hope and love of this Season, however you celebrate it. Those kind deeds are infectious!  They leave you with a full heart and feeling of hope and love! One thing I know for sure...despite the politics, the answer IS prayer, IS hope, IS love.  Go out and do a good deed for someone today! It's the kind of "infectious" the world needs!

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Love that you received this from your yaya...so neat and special.

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