The Grumpy Unicorn - Beautiful Children's Book

Meet Jen Hodge, Author and Illustrator of the beautiful children's book - The Grumpy Unicorn.  I met Jen at Seaport Village in San Diego where she was selling her book.  Jen is a darling, fun person and a very talented artist and aspiring author.

The Grumpy Unicorn is a "whimsical tale of a grumpy unicorn who struggles with his self-image amongst his peers of scary mythological creatures," said Jen.

The illustrations are beautiful and alive with color.  The book is visually stunning!

I thought the story was very cute with an important message.  "Grumpy Unicorn" is the kind of character I would love to see in a series of children's books.  This little guy could be the basis of many character-building stories.

I purchased two of her books for my grandchildren - they love them.  If you would like to purchase your own copy of The Grumpy Unicorn, you can visit Jen's Facebook page here, or email me at decoratedmantel@gmail.com and I will send you her contact information.  

As Grumpy Unicorn would say, "Sparkle On!"


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