A Rosette Napkin How-To

Add the perfect finishing touch to your Thanksgiving table with a napkin rosette.  

 Sometimes a table setting calls for an extra-special touch and rosettes are a simple but effective way to bring that special finish to a beautiful tablescape.

I love making rosettes. They are simple to make yet look so beautiful and elegant.  You can make them from any napkin by following these easy instructions.

Begin with a square napkin and lay it right side down on a table. I am using a thinner napkin with a silky finish, however, any napkin will work.  Fold in half horizontally. Then fold in half horizontally again for a long rectangular shape.

With the folded edge up, choose one end of the napkin and begin rolling.  This will make the rosette, so roll as tightly or loosely as you  wish.

I hold the napkin in one hand and as I roll with my other hand, I like to fold the edge outwards a little to give the look of a rose petal.

You'll notice that I bring the napkin down just a bit and hold it in place with my thumb as I continue the process.  Again, it's just to give it a more natural look of petals.  

Once you're finished rolling the napkin, tuck in the end. 

Voila!  There you have it.  You can use it in a variety of ways.  Above, I folded a large green square napkin in half, twice, to make a smaller square, and wrapped it around my rosette to give it the look of a long stemmed rose.

Tie a bow around to secure or use a napkin ring.  You can tuck a leaf , twig, or name card under the bow if desired.

Another napkin I love that can be used in multiple ways is this lettuce edged napkin.  I found them last year at Pier 1 Imports. 

Either with a rosette in the center, or as a stand-alone napkin, the ruffled edge looks so classy and adds a really elegant touch.

 With the holidays fast approaching, I don't have a lot of time to spend on labor intensive projects, that's why these gorgeous napkin rosettes are one of my favorite things to use for those table settings where you want that perfect finishing touch! 

 You can put these together now so they're ready to use for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Have a really nice day!

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