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My first post!  Let me begin by extending a warm welcome to Decorated Mantel, and by thanking Shari at Little Blue Deer Design for the beautiful and creative design of my new blog.  I absolutely love the new design and look forward to years of sharing creative ideas, inspiration and projects about my passions: family, home décor, gardening, entertaining, and travel.  I hope you find its content inspiring, helpful and informative. 

For as long as I can remember, Fall has been my favorite time of year.  The spirit of change is in the air and the weather at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Utah where I live, becomes dreamlike – warm days and chilly evenings.  It’s a magical season with the colors, the holidays, and the changes, and with all its bounty you can decorate your home inside and outside in beautiful and simple ways. Extend a warm welcome to your home with one of these beautiful and simple wreath ideas. 


Bittersweet vines are a beautiful, natural element to use for making a wreath.  For the best result, cut the vines as long as possible.  To begin, bend and twist the vines into a circle. Wrap the vines circle around a wire wreath form (you can purchase from your local craft store), and secure with paddle wire.  Then tuck in one or two other interesting elements from your yard or that you love.  Secure loose stems or pods with wire or dots of hot glue.


For a simple, natural look you can make a bittersweet wreath without using a circular wire form or other base.   The vines are so versatile.  How cute is this?

Here the leaves were stripped from the bittersweet vines and Chinese lantern stems. Once the bittersweet vines were secured around a wire wreath form, Chinese lantern stems were tucked in around the vines.

credit and instructions
This beautiful bittersweet and rosehip wreath is made by attaching the vines to a grapevine wreath base that you can purchase from your local craft store.  Then adding Chinese lanterns, pomegranates and persimmons.  I love this wreath!  Click on the link above for instructions.
Using Fall's bounty with its unrivaled display of color is a beautiful and inexpensive way to extend a warm welcome to your home.  Coming soon I will have step-by-step instructions to make a simple wreath of radiant leaves. It's so easy and beautiful - I think you'll love it!

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