Three Ways to Bring the Warmth of Copper to Your Kitchen

Does everyone seem to gather in the kitchen at your home?  For many households, including mine, the kitchen seems to be the gathering place for making memories.  As a child I remember playing with my great-grandmother's old, well-used copper pots hanging in her kitchen – copper pots she likely brought with her when they came to America from Greece. Afterwards, my grandmother stored them in her basement.  I wish I had those old pots now!

Copper is the new gold!  Due to its rich color, it can be used to add warmth and brighten up your kitchen in beautiful ways.  Here are three ways to use copper in your kitchen.

AccessoriesOne way to give your kitchen a warm and cozy feeling is to add copper accessories.  Small touches of copper accessories throughout this kitchen deepen its warm rustic feeling.  

I love how the copper pot resting on the stove top enhances the wood trim and paint finish in the cabinetry.  

A few copper accessories placed on shelves or your kitchen counter will stand out and give your room a fresh feeling.

These distinctive mugs would look great on an open shelf or hanging on a mug rack on a countertop.

I love this collection of mixed copper and wood texture kitchen accessories.  It would be an interesting element of contrast to your scheme.

Notice how the copper accessories in this hutch brightens up the room.

Adding a few pieces here and there is all you need.


There is no substitute for patinated copper.  Its deep rich glow can quickly transform a space into one that is warm and inviting.

...and it is so versatile.

Cabinet Hardware:  Another way to bring the warmth of copper to your kitchen is by adding copper hardware.  From drawer pulls to knobs, the hardware you choose for your cabinetry makes a statement.  Copper hardware can give cabinets or cupboards a classic, timeless feel.

Hanging Pots: It's great when something generally purely functional also becomes decorative.  Hanging copper pots, pans, or utensils from a rack is a beautiful way to add a warm and inviting feeling to a kitchen and add visual interest.

No room to suspend a rack from your ceiling to hang pots?  No problem.  Hanging copper pots on a rack above a door or window is also a great idea.

I love this unique way of suspending a piece of wood or log to hang items.

Light Fixtures:  Light fixtures can be replaced with copper fixtures, adding a warm designer feeling to the room.

You will frequently see copper-hammered pendant light fixtures and sinks.  This style really warms this contemporary kitchen.  I love them!

Fall is the season to look for ways to add warmth and brighten up your kitchen.  Copper's rich  glow can be a tasteful choice for adding a cozy feeling to your home!

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