7 Spring Centerpiece Ideas to Replicate

Easter is a few weeks away and it's always nice to have a fresh flower arrangement to brighten your table. You don't need to spend a lot of time nor money on an expensive centerpiece to have a stunning table. If a country, casual look is your style, this arrangement using a milk carrier with bottles is an easy idea to replicate and will add a touch of charm to your Easter table or it's a perfect arrangement for any time that you need a spring centerpiece.  Further information and sources are provided below.

A sophisticated look for a traditional or elegant table can be easily replicated by placing a potted hydrangea in an elegant container such as this silver bowl and topping it moss. Simple. Sophisticated. Stunning.

Bunches of flowers from your grocery store added to any container you have is an easy and inexpensive way to make your table shine this Easter.

A grouping of hollowed-out eggshells with spring flowers displayed in porcelain egg cups makes a stunning display for any style of Easter table. Beautiful!

If coloring and hollowing out eggs takes more effort that you have time for, simply add your flowers in the porcelain egg cups for a dainty, fresh mini grouping. Here is one source for porcelain egg cups:

Line your table with cut stems of hydrangea in simple glass vases for a simple, yet elegant table setting. 

If you enjoy decorating Easter eggs, let them take center stage and display them prominently as your centerpiece.

If you're hosting Easter dinner this year, or you just need an idea for a spring centerpiece, these ideas can be easily replicated to brighten your table. Here is some further information for the milk carrier and bottles arrangement:

Any flower choice would be wonderful, but my choice is sweet peas. They're colorful, delicate and make a playful addition to this type of arrangement. You can find milk carriers with bottles like the options I've shared below, or use mason jars, like Ball, and add to any metal milk carrier.  I've shared a few options. 

You can use clear floral tape to make a cross hatch pattern across the top of Ball mason jars to support your flowers and keep them standing up straight. Here are a few options if you are interested:

Have a great day!

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Two Favorite Recipes for What's on The Menu Monday

I have some delicious recipes coming up on What's On The Menu Monday?!  It seems like I'm always trying new recipes for this segment. This weekend, however, was all about family and we enjoyed two of our all-time favorite recipes that I'm throwing back today. One, with a twist!

Some of these delicious recipes get buried but these Chicken Salad Croissants are very delicious and an all-time family favorite. We enjoyed them this weekend so I'm sharing this recipe again today for "What's On The Menu Monday?"! This recipe is so versatile. It can be used for casual parties with chips and dips, dressed up for nice dinners served with a few side dishes, or prepared to take with you for a picnic or some other occasion. It's a great recipe if you haven't tried mine before.

Click HERE for the recipe and instructions.

The other recipe that has quickly become one of my family's all-time favorites is...drum roll...

Strawberry Bruschetta with Herb-Cheese Spread! Yesterday I doubled the recipe (because we love it so much) and added chopped mango with the strawberries for a twist. It was delicious!! I'm sorry that I didn't get a picture, but everything is made the same. If you decide to add chopped mango, divide the strawberries and replace it with an equal amount of diced fresh mango. It's yummy! We had it on Sunday as an appetizer, but I love to eat it on its own as a mini meal!

Get the recipe and instructions HERE.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and everything goes your way this week. 

Smile and have a great day!

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Room of the Week: Get a Bright and Airy Coastal Look Wherever You Live

This beautiful room was designed by Beth Webb and is featured in the April 2017 issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine. The multifamily home is a second residence in Las Catalinas, a resort community located on Costa Rica's Guanacaste Peninsula. 

Being at the beach is all about feeling the sun on your skin, smelling salt in the air, and hearing the crash of waves against the shore. It's a full sensory escape from our busy lives. Many who love the bright and airy coastal look love it for the relaxed, kick-back feeling that brings the outside in - much like being at a beach house. You don't have to live near a beach nor have a second residence in Costa Rica to have this look. If this is your style, get this bright and airy coastal look wherever you live with these tips. Plus, a few shopping sources similar to those used in today's room of the week can be found below.

Here is a look at a few more areas of this resort home:

In the kitchen, cabinets are limewashed with Caesarstone countertops, Company pendants and open shelving give a beach-chic appeal.

The countertop over the limewashed cabinets is poured concrete.

This spacious master bedroom boasts two separate walk-out terraces, taking full advantage of beautiful views. The rug is Dash & Albert; the vintage cane arm chair is from Mexico City; and the Brighton table lamps, Serena & Lily.

To see more of this featured home, see the link below:

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles - Coastal Command/Designed by Beth Webb

Whether you live by the beach or just dream about ocean breezes, you can get a bright and airy coastal look wherever you live if this is your style!

Have a great day!

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Delicious Sriracha and Cilantro Burgers is What's On the Menu Monday

At my home we love grilling - chicken, fish, burgers, steak, veggies, even fruit - anything we can think of, we grill. This weekend we had our family all over to watch March Madness and enjoy a BBQ. On the menu...delicious cilantro burgers served with Sriracha sauce and freshly squeezed lime. This is a delicious way to spice up your burgers!  If you're not a fan of cilantro, no problem, just use the Sriracha sauce.

Given that, however, what makes this so special is the combination of Sriracha sauce, cilantro and lime.  In addition, we love ours with pepper jack cheese.

The main sauce is made with mayonnaise and sriracha, which is seen above in the middle (darker).  The dish in front is ranch dressing mixed with sriracha for a sauce that is not quite as spicy, but we love the flavor of the main sauce much better.

For my family I make at least 12 burgers, but this recipe is for four. You can adjust this recipe according to your needs.  


Sriracha and Cilantro Burgers


1 pound 90% lean ground sirloin
3 Tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
Hamburger buns
1/3 cup cilantro sprigs
4 slices pepper jack cheese
1 lime, sliced
(see ingredients for sauces below)


Combine ground sirloin, chopped cilantro, salt and pepper in a bowl; mix just until combined. Divide mixture into 4 patties, gently shaping each into 1/2-inch-thick round patties.

Heat grill to medium-high heat. Grill approximately 4 minutes. Carefully turn patties; grill 4 minutes or until desired degree of doneness. We love to add the pepper jack cheese to melt before removing from the grill.

My butcher makes beautiful thick patties and when I'm preparing for a large crowd I often buy his pre-packaged patties to save time and season only with a pinch of kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper before grilling, rather than mixing my own ground beef.  There may also be a few who would prefer not having the cilantro. The burgers still taste wonderful with plain hamburger patties with the remaining toppings and sauce.

This is our favorite sauce:

Sriracha and Mayonnaise Sauce

3 Tablespoon real mayonnaise
1 Tablespoon Sriracha

Stir together with a whisk

For a more mild sauce:

3 Tablespoons Ranch dressing
1 Tablespoon Sriracha, or less as desired

Stir together with a whisk

   Spread 1 tablespoon mayonnaise mixture on bottom half of bun; top with 1 patty, pepper jack cheese, sprigs of cilantro and squeeze fresh lime over the cilantro.  If desired, we also add toppings you would normally enjoy on a hamburger, such as sliced red onion, avocado, and tomato. 

These are really delicious and a fun way to do something different at your next BBQ!

Have a great week!

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